EPB&B Lends A Helping Hand

Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker is pleased to be a Helping Hands Sponsor, donating $5,000 in celebration of Blanchet House’s 70th Anniversary of providing meals, shelter, and restoration to people experiencing great hardship. From its early days as an all-volunteer soup kitchen to today’s modern organization serving thousands, they continue its mission to alleviate suffering.

“We are proud to support Blanchet,” says EPB&B Producer Frank Baccellieri. “They do outstanding work in the community providing food, shelter and aid to all persons in need including two transitional shelter programs for men struggling with addiction, unemployment, mental health and other challenges.”

See here for more information on Blanchet House, their 70th anniversary celebration, and how you can become involved in supporting this life-saving organization.

Happy 70th Anniversary! Frank (left) with Blanchet House Executive Director, Scott Kerman and EPB&B President Marc Baker.


Be Prepared For The Next Big Earthquake

This past week marked 322 years since a major earthquake struck the Pacfic Northwest. According to the Oregon Office of Emergency Management, there is a 1 and 10 chance that a major earthquake will strike Oregon again within the next fifty years, but we all know mother nature plays by her own rules. In the case of a major event know the facts that will help protect you, your family, and your property. 

Make Sure You Are Covered. Most homeowner, mobile home, condominium, and renter insurance policies do not cover earthquake damage. For many homeowners their biggest investment is their home, and separate earthquake insurance may help protect that investment.

Living Expenses. If earthquake damage to your home is so severe that you must move out, coverage for additional living expenses is available only if you have earthquake coverage. Check with your agent when purchasing earthquake coverage to make sure that the additional living expense coverage extends to earthquake damage.

When to buy. Most insurers place a moratorium on selling earthquake coverage for a period of time after any significant seismic event. So, buy earthquake insurance before an earthquake strikes.

In the event an earthquake strikes, familiarize yourself and your family with the immediate safety protocol and have an emergency supply kit, at the ready. 

Have Questions?  The team at EPB&B can help.

Taking an hour out of your day now to take pictures and document your household items will save you days worth of headaches when filing an insurance claim in the event of an earthquake.


Uncovering The Mystery Behind Cyber Crime

By: Justine Avera-

Some of the most popular shows on TV are detective and true crime stories.  Most people don’t realize there is another kind of crime scene and the stakes are high — full of unsolved mysteries, international espionage, and tales of sabotage.  If a company experiences a hacking or breach event or discovers that malware has infected and potentially controlling their systems, they turn to computer forensic experts.  One of the biggest benefits of having Network Liability and Data Breach Insurance is that the insurance company will bear much of the costs.  Here are some of the services that Data Breach coverage can provide:

  1. Early intervention  – if you suspect an attack or see something suspicious, you can call the insurance company and they will get cyber security experts involved immediately.
  2. Forensic analysis – how did the cybercriminals get in, what did they get access to, and were they able to move from your network or computer systems to others through your network touchpoints for a supply chain attack?
  3. Security hardening – what are the costs to fix the immediate problem, and prevent future attacks?
  4. Replacement of compromised equipment – has your computer been bricked, and is it no more operational than a rock?  Some policies offer replacement hardware and software post-breach.

It is important to have a Data Breach insurance specialist in your corner.  To see how EPB&B can support you and your business contact Justine Avera 504-445-8402 or Javera@epbb.com 


Referral Business-The Sincerest Compliment

Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker would like to thank everyone who referred business to us over the past few months. When you refer your friends, and colleagues to EPB&B, it speaks volumes about the trust you have in our services, and we truly appreciate the vote of confidence.

As you may be aware, whenever a current customer refers a new customer – and we write the new customer’s business – we send a $25 gift card to the customer who made the referral, and also enter them into a drawing for a free tablet computer.

Our winner this month was Sarah Ryan who referred Sean Ryan to EPB&B. We wrote an auto and home policy for Sean. Thank you to Sarah and Sean. Please remember to keep those referrals coming. It could mean a new tablet computer in addition to a $25 gift card.

Hey you two, that belongs to Sarah Ryan. VP of Operations, Jill Perucca and President, Marc Baker have their eyes on the tablet .


A Plan For A Safe And Healthy Workplace

With employers facing shortages in the workforce, now more than ever, it is crucial that employers have a plan in place to ensure employee safety, health and happiness.  And this month we are sharing how do do just that with safety ideas and resources from one of our professional partners, SAIF Corporation. 

 SAIF is Oregon’s not-for-profit worker’s insurance compensation company and since 1914 they have been taking care of injured workers, helping people get back to work, and supporting businesses in keeping  insurance rates low by focusing on workplace safety.  

Start 2022 off right by making a plan that will keep your employees safe and productive, and your workplace thriving. 

For more resources on creating a safe and healthy workplace go to SAIF.


Three Insurance Resolutions For The New Year

Like many Americans, cleaning up your diet or finding your dream job might be at the top of your resolutions list in 2022, but don’t forget about your insurance. Many things can change in a year and it is easy to go on autopilot when it comes to renewal time. But a simple policy review can protect you and your family should the new year bring an unexpected occurrence.

  • Be Ready For the Road. One of the biggest mistakes someone can make regarding auto insurance is being underinsured. Though most states require a minimum for liability insurance,( in Oregon it is $25,000 of coverage per person/$50,000 per accident), many accidents cost far more. Take a look at your policy and make sure your coverages are high enough to protect you in case of an accident. 
  • Homeowner’s Makeover. Did you remodel your kitchen this past year? Perhaps you took advantage of more time at home and finished that long-awaited additional bathroom. Upgrades and additions can increase the value of your home so if you gave your home a makeover, chances are your homeowner’s insurance coverages needs one as well. 
  •  Don’t Forget An Umbrella. Unexpected things happen and often those accidents will exceed your current insurance coverage. Consider adding umbrella policy if you:
  1. Drive a car/own a home
  2. Own a dog
  3. Have a swimming pool or trampoline
  4. Coach Youth Sports
  5. Travel. 

Think of an umbrella policy as a safety net protecting you and the things you cherish. 

Navigating insurance coverages can be tricky, but the experienced team at EPB&B can help review your coverages and find the right fit for you, making these resolutions easy to keep.