Two Unique Gifts For Mom This Mother’s Day

Breakfast in bed, a picnic lunch, or a gourmet dinner, every Mother loves a delicious meal, especially one she does not have to prepare. This Mother’s day, (May 9th, don’t’ forget), make her something unique with these two award-winning local treasures. 

Start with a bottle from Abacela winery. Abacela, an EPB&B valued insured for two decades, is recognized worldwide for its spectacular Tempranillo and Albarino varieties. And the recognition does not stop there. Whether it be a Crisp Grenache Rose or a hearty Syrah, Abacela, Voted Winery of the Year in 2015, has the perfect wine to please any Mom’s Palette.

If you want to take it up a notch, add a bit of award-winning creamy deliciousness to mom’s day with a gift from Rogue Creamery, our valued insured of nearly twenty years. This special Mother’s Day box includes three of Rogue Creamery’s stunning cheeses, paired with local sweet treats delivered right to her door. In addition, Rogue Creamery matches every purchase of their Cheese Is Love ( featured in this box or stand-alone) and sends the proceeds to local charities in the community. Now that’s a gift that speaks to the heart. 

“Rogue Creamery and Abacela are world renown, award-winning makers of cheese and wine, says EPB&B President Marc Baker. “It is an honor to work with such inspiring Oregon businesses that are dedicated to their craft and their community,” 

Show the mom in your life that she is the best by giving her the finest on her special day.

Happy Mother’s Day. 


An EPB&B Team Member Reaches A Milestone

A big shout out to Administrative Assistant, Jason Larpenteur who this month celebrates fifteen years as a dedicated Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker team member.

Jason began his career at EPB&B in 2006 as a part time telemarketer, securing appointments for our producers.  Due to his hard work and proven success record he became a full time team member in 2011 and soon took the initiative to obtain his insurance license.  Over the years Jason has become a man of all trades around the office.  In addition to his current position, you will find Jason backing up the VP of First Impressions, helping our IT department with computer installations, and most anything else that needs to be done. In addition every Valentines Day Jason generously serves as the self appointed Rose Bandit, because he believes that every person should get a rose on that special day.  

“Jason’s positive attitude is contagious,” says EPB&B President Marc Baker. “If something needs to be done, we know Jason is always there.”

Thank You Jason for your years of hard work and dedication to EPB&B.

Congratulations on fifteen years at EPB&B. We appreciate you. Go Cougs!!


3 Heathy Spring Cleaning Musts

The sun is out, streaming through those grime-streaked windows, illuminating the fine layer of dust that has settled on the furniture over the winter. It is time to get cleaning. Before you tackle the big stuff, don’t forget to give some extra attention to the often overlooked items that help keep our homes clean all year long.

1. Washing Machine. The soap residue, minerals, and chemicals from your detergent can get locked inside your washing machine and create a thin film that traps bacteria. These bacteria can clog the inner mechanisms, so your water doesn’t get as hot, and your detergent won’t be as strong. Not to mention they can start to get quite stinky after a while. Give your machine a monthly clean utilizing hot water and white vinegar to keep your clothes fresh and clean. 

2.Dishwasher. Even if it is self-cleaning, food bits and detergent particles can clog up the drain and cause bacteria to build, ultimately diminishing the efficiency of your washer. Learn the best way to clean your washer here.

3. Sponges. You can only imagine what’s lurking in your kitchen sponge, right? That squishy square can house up to 300 types of bacteria that end up on your hands, countertops, and in your food. Although there are many ways to clean your sponge, the quickest is to pop it ( make sure it’s wet) in the microwave for about a minute.

Now get to work so you can go outside and play.


Distracted Driving; Know The Facts

 If you see more police patrolling the roads perhaps it is because April is National Distracted Driving Awareness Month.  Distracted driving is any activity that diverts your attention from driving.  These can include, checking navigation, flipping through music, eating, mediating bickering kids, and the most alarming distraction, texting. 

Even the best drivers are taking a risk when they multitask on the road.  Here are some facts to consider;

  • One in four car accidents in the US is caused by texting and driving. 
  • It takes up to thirteen seconds to re-focus your surroundings after looking up from a cell phone, even just a glance. 
  • Eating while driving poses even a bigger risk than talking on a cell phone.
  • According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, 71% of large truck accidents involved the driver doing something other than just driving the vehicle. 
  • And more.

Please keep your hands on the wheel and your eyes on the road and let’s keep each other safe out there.  


Let The Music Play; EPB&B President Makes A Birthday Request

This week EPB&B President, Marc Baker celebrates his 61st birthday, and he knows what he wants on his big day.

To celebrate, Marc is asking those who have the means to donate $6.10, a dime per year, to one of his favorite non-profit organizations, the Oregon Music Hall Of Fame Scholarship Fund. One of the ripple effects of COVID-19 is that there is a lack of live music to enjoy impacting OMHOF, as it could not hold its annual induction ceremony, which traditionally is the organization’s biggest fundraiser. 

“I love OMHOF because it recognizes Oregon’s incredible music history,” Marc says about the organization, “ and it perpetuates that by helping amazingly talented kids chase their musical dreams.”

Anyone who would like to participate in supporting OMHOF’s scholarship fund can do so here.

Happy Birthday Marc Baker and thank you for everything you do for your team, your customers and your community.