Artificial Intelligence Highlights The Need For Cyber Insurance

Artificial Intelligence reduces human error, drives innovation and allows for faster decision-making, but it can also make it easier for cybercriminals in certain ways. While AI is not inherently malicious, cybercriminals can exploit its capabilities to conduct more sophisticated and efficient attacks. Some of the ways cybercriminals could use AI include:


  • Automated attacks: AI can be used to automate various stages of cyberattacks, such as scanning for vulnerabilities, crafting and delivering phishing emails, or launching distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks.
  • Advanced evasion techniques: Cybercriminals can employ AI to develop and refine evasion techniques that can bypass traditional security measures, making it harder for defenders to detect and prevent attacks.
  • Social engineering: AI-powered chatbots or virtual assistants can be used to mimic human behavior and deceive users into revealing sensitive information or performing actions that compromise security.
  • Data analysis and profiling: Cybercriminals can use AI to gather and analyze vast amounts of data to build more accurate profiles of potential targets or victims, which can be exploited for personalized attacks.
  • Machine learning for malware: AI can assist in creating sophisticated malware that can adapt and evolve to bypass traditional signature-based antivirus solutions.

However, it’s important to note that AI is also being used in defense to enhance cybersecurity. AI can help identify and respond to threats more rapidly, detect anomalies in network traffic, and improve overall security measures. The cybersecurity landscape is constantly evolving, with both defenders and attackers using AI to gain an advantage.

There is something that companies can do to minimize their exposure to this troubling trend—obtain a comprehensive cyber-insurance policy that will maximize coverage in the event of a loss. Be warned: cyber-insurance policies are not created equal. Like cyber exposures, cyber insurance continues to evolve. Contact EPB&B cyber professional Justine Avera at javera@epbb.com or  503-445-8402 to help find the right coverage to protect your business.


Workers’Compensation; A Required Safety Net For Employers And Employees

Workers’ compensation coverage in Oregon is a vital safety net that protects employees and employers alike in the event of work-related injuries or illnesses. It ensures that injured or sick workers receive necessary medical treatment and financial support while also providing employers with liability protection. The Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division administers the state’s workers’ compensation system, and it operates under a “no-fault” principle, meaning that employees do not have to prove their employer’s negligence to receive benefits.  

Coverage Requirements: In Oregon, virtually all employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. This mandate encompasses full-time, part-time, and seasonal workers. Even businesses with just one employee must carry coverage. Exemptions exist for certain types of workers, such as independent contractors and domestic workers, but the vast majority of employees are eligible for coverage.

Benefits Provided: When a worker sustains a work-related injury or illness, workers’ compensation coverage offers several types of benefits:

  • Medical Benefits: These include payment for necessary medical treatment, prescriptions, and rehabilitative services related to the workplace injury or illness. Coverage extends to doctor visits, surgeries, hospital stays, medical equipment, and physical therapy, among other medical needs.
  • Medical Indemnity: If a worker is temporarily unable to work due to their injury or illness, they may be entitled to wage replacement benefits.
  • Permanent Disability Benefits: In cases where the worker sustains a permanent impairment or disability, they may receive compensation to address the long-term effects on their earning capacity.
  • Vocational Rehabilitation: If the worker’s injury or illness prevents them from returning to their previous job, they may receive assistance in finding new employment through vocational rehabilitation services.
  • Death Benefits: If a work-related injury or illness results in the death of an employee, their dependents may be eligible for death benefits, including funeral expenses and ongoing financial support.

Claims Process: When workers are injured or become ill due to work-related circumstances, they must promptly report the incident to their employer. Employers are responsible for filing a report of the injury or illness with their workers’ compensation insurance carrier and the Oregon Workers’ Compensation Division. This initiates the claims process. The insurer then investigates the claim and determines if workers’ compensation covers the injury or illness. If approved, the injured worker will receive the appropriate benefits based on the severity and nature of their condition.

Employer Responsibilities: Employers in Oregon must comply with specific responsibilities regarding workers’ compensation:

  • Provide Coverage: As mentioned earlier, employers must carry workers’ compensation insurance for all eligible employees.
  • Post Information: Employers must display information about workers’ compensation coverage at the workplace so that employees are aware of their rights and the claims process:
  • Non-Retaliation: Otherwise known as exclusive remedy, employers cannot retaliate against employees for filing workers’ compensation claims or seeking benefits.
  • Return to Work Programs: Employers are encouraged to develop return-to-work programs that help injured workers transition back to the job after recovery.
  • Premium Payments: Employers must ensure timely premium payments to their workers’ compensation insurance carrier.

Penalties for Non-Compliance: Failure to provide workers’ compensation coverage can result in significant penalties for employers. These may include fines, suspension of business licenses, and even criminal charges in severe cases.

Workers’ compensation coverage in Oregon serves as a crucial safety net for employees and employers alike. It offers essential medical and financial support to injured or ill workers while protecting employers from potential lawsuits. At Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker we can assist you in understanding the requirements and benefits of workers’ compensation coverage, so that both workers and employers can ensure a safer and more secure working environment


EPB&B Supports Our Community and Our Professional Partners.

At Elliott Powell, Baden, and Baker supporting organizations that are important to our business and our community is part of our on going mission. This past week we had the opportunity to provide support in the form of sponsorship to two such organizations.

EPB&B has been a sponsor of The Oregon Fuels Association (OFA) conference for over forty years. The OFA is the voice of Oregon’s locally-owned fuel stations, fuel distributors, and heating oil providers. Often multi-generational, family-owned businesses, members fuel Oregon’s economy by providing career opportunities to thousands of employees across the state. From Left: EPB&B President, Marc Baker; Powell Distribution President, Jason Powell, EPB&B VP of Operations, Jill Perucca; EPB&B Producer, Derek Aldrich; And Melody Amusement, Key Collecto Guy Strong enjoy a day on the Woodlands course at Sunriver resort as part of the OFA annual conference.

For the the third consecutive year, EPB&B has been happy to support Breast Friends as a hole sponsor for their annual golf tournament at Stone Creek Gold Club in Oregon City. Breast Friends is a unique resource for women, their families, and friends; striving to minimize the fear and isolation of cancer by providing emotional support, education and advocacy. The EPB&B team from Left: Commercial Lines Account Manager, Tina Dehut; HR Manager/Personal Lines Manager, Kim Hawkins; Personal Lines Account Manager, Donna Jones; Personal Lines Account Manager, Olivia Astrue,


EPB&B Welcomes Our New Commercial Lines Account Manager

We would like to welcome our new Commercial Lines Account Manager, Israel Ferrer. Israel’s years of experience in Property and Casualty Insurance, along with his dedication to helping his clients find the right insurance solutions to fit their needs, makes Israel a perfect fit for the EPB&B team. Here is more about Israel’s education, experience and his love of travel.

You can contact Israel at iferrer@epbb.com and 503-445-8428

  1. What is your background in the insurance industry?   Time flies, but I have been in the insurance industry for a little over five years! I entered the industry after living and working in South Korea for four years. I have had the opportunity to work on the industry’s commercial and personal sides. I obtained my property and casualty license within my first year and have since gained several designations to increase further my ability to help our clients. I currently hold the Associate in General Insurance (AINS), Associate in Insurance Services (AIS), and the Certified Insurance Service Representative (CISR) designation. Acquiring these credentials has given me a solid foundation in property and casualty insurance principles and practices, along with helping further my customer service, communication, and problem-solving skills. By obtaining these designations, I have demonstrated my commitment to professional development and excellence in the insurance industry.
  1. What do you like most about working in the insurance industry? What I enjoy most about working in the insurance industry is the opportunity to help people make a positive difference in their lives. Insurance is not just a product but a service that provides protection, security, and peace of mind to individuals, families, and businesses. I enjoy educating my clients about their insurance needs and options and providing them with solutions that help fit their goals and budget. I also like the variety and challenge of working in the industry, as no two days are the same. I interact with different people, handle different situations, and learn new things daily. It is rewarding to be part of an industry that is constantly evolving and innovating to meet the changing needs of society.
  1. What made you choose EPB&B as the next step in your career path? I chose Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker as the next step in my career path because I was impressed by its reputation, values, and community involvement. I saw that this agency supports many local causes and organizations. I value companies that give back to the community, and I’m happy to be part of a team that makes a positive difference in the lives of others.
  1. Is there anything you’d like to share to let people know more about you? I am originally from New York and have moved around throughout my adulthood. I’ve lived in places such as South Korea, Florida, Texas, and now Oregon. I love to travel; I have been fortunate enough to visit places such as China, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia, etc. I am also a foodie that enjoys trying dishes at new restaurants. When I’m not doing the above, I enjoy curling up with a good book!

Welcome to the team Israel!


The Importance of Boat Insurance: Protecting Your Watercraft and Peace of Mind

Boating is a recreational activity enjoyed by many, offering tranquility, adventure, and a sense of freedom that only the open water can provide. However, owning a boat also comes with responsibilities, including the need for boat insurance. Boat insurance offers essential protection for your watercraft and ensures your peace of mind.  Here are four things every boat owner should consider:  

  • Protection for Your Investment:  Boats are valuable assets that often require a significant financial investment. Boat insurance safeguards this investment by providing coverage against various risks and perils. Whether your boat is damaged due to a collision, fire, theft, vandalism, or severe weather conditions, a boat insurance policy could help cover the cost of repairs or replacement. Without adequate insurance, owners could face substantial financial losses, potentially leading to financial strain or even the inability to replace their watercraft.

  • Liability Coverage. Boat insurance not only protects your own property but also provides liability coverage. Accidents can happen, and if your boat causes damage to another vessel or property or injures someone, you could be held liable for the associated expenses. Liability coverage within boat insurance helps protect you from the financial burden of legal claims, medical bills, or property damage caused by your watercraft. This coverage extends beyond accidents involving other boats and can also include coverage for injuries sustained by passengers onboard your vessel.

  • Additional Coverage Options. Boat insurance policies often offer additional coverage options that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of boat owners. These may include coverage for personal belongings on board, towing and assistance services, coverage for fuel spills and environmental damage, and even coverage for fishing equipment or trailers. By selecting the appropriate coverage options, boat owners can customize their insurance policy to address their unique requirements, ensuring comprehensive protection for their boats and related assets.

  • Peace of Mind. One of the most significant benefits of boat insurance is the peace of mind it provides. Knowing that your investment and personal liability are adequately protected allows you to enjoy your time on the water without constant worry about potential risks and accidents. Whether you’re cruising, fishing, or participating in water sports, having boat insurance ensures that you can fully appreciate your outing, knowing that you have a financial safety net in case of unforeseen circumstances. 

Boat insurance is a crucial aspect of responsible boat ownership. It safeguards your investment, protects against liability claims, offers customizable coverage options, and provides peace of mind. By investing in boat insurance, you actively mitigate the financial risks associated with boat ownership and ensure that your time on the water is worry-free. As you set sail on your next boating adventure, remember that boat insurance is a wise financial decision and an essential component of being a responsible and conscientious boater.

Surrounded by a multitude of lakes and rivers, the Portland, Oregon based team at EPB&B Insurance knows the unique needs of boat ownership. Contact Us to find the right insurance to fit your needs. 


EPB&B Recognized As Agency of the Year

We are proud to announce that Elliott. Powell, Baden, and Baker has been named Oregon Mutual’s Oregon Agency of the Year. This award is a result of our history of writing good business and developing a solid partnership with Oregon Mutual.  

EPB&B has represented Oregon Mutual Insurance for over nineteen years . Founded in McMinnville, Oregon, in 1894 by a close group of business owners, Oregon Mutual remains the oldest, independent, mutual insurance company west of the Mississippi with over 125 years of serving Oregon, Washington, California, and Idaho.

“I am thrilled that Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker was named The Oregon Insurance Agency of the Year by Oregon Mutual Insurance,” says EPB&B President Marc Baker. “This recognition is a reflection of the excellent work that our team delivers day in and day out as we strive to develop professional relationships with our customers, our vendors and the insurance companies we represent.”

We thank the team at Oregon Mutual for selecting EPB&B for this recognition. 

From Left: Steve Patterson, President of Oregon Mutual; Jill Perucca, EPB&B Vice President of Operations; Marc Baker, EPB&B President, Scott Esqueda, Marketing Representative, Oregon Mutual.

We thank the team at Oregon Mutual for selecting EPB&B for this recognition.