How A Homeowners Policy Covers Backyard Celebrations

As summer approaches in Oregon, many of us are gearing up for graduation parties and summer holiday celebrations; this means our backyards are taking center stage. But even the most well-planned event can bring the unexpected. As you uncover the grills, hang the banners, and spruce up the patio furniture, make sure to polish up your homeowners policy too. The team at EPB&B insurance will review your current homeowners policy and help you put the right overage in place to cover any party mishaps that might arise.   

  1.  Unexpected Slips, Trips, And Falls– Even the most well-manicured yard has little danger zones that can catch a guest unaware.   Uneven surfaces, gaps in pool surrounds, and dimly lit walkways can cause a guest to trip and fall.  Your homeowner’s policy will cover legal and medical bills that may arise, but depending on your assets, ask our team about an umbrella policy as it offers higher levels of protection in the case you find yourself liable for a claim that is greater than your homeowners liability insurance limit.   
  2. Libation Liability. It is the hope of any host that partygoers will have fun and drink responsibly, but alcohol continues to be one of the biggest liabilities for a host.  Be aware that as a host, you might be held responsible if a guest who has been drinking at your event drives and gets in an accident on the way home.  To mitigate risk, offer non-alcoholic beverages, and if you see a guest has imbibed a bit too much, please arrange for them to get home safely.  For added protection, ask us about adding specific coverage for liquor liability.
  3. Open Flames.  Grilling burgers on the BBQ, enjoying a beverage by the firepit, and celebrating with sparklers mean open flames are often a part of any backyard party. Take precaution and keep grills and fir pits more than ten feet away from structures , and do not place them under overhanging branches.  Keep open flame away from where kids are playing. If a party guest is injured by a fire, a homeowner must ensure they have enough converage to pay not only for medical bills but any legal bills that might arise from damages.   

Chances are your backyard bash will go off without a hitch, but take precautions to protect not only your guests but yourself from any unexpected mishaps that might arise.

Most homeowners’ policies have many additions or endorsements that can be added to enhance your insurance policy to fit your needs. At EPB&B, our Account Managers are proficient in the coverage many insurance carriers offer and are here to help you find the right coverage to protect your home, auto and business


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