Five Tips To Protect Your Packages From Porch Piracy

EPB&B is a home, auto, and business insurance agency in Portland, Oregon


Off To College: Don’t Forget To Pack An Insurance Policy.

EPB&B is a Portland, Oregon Insurance company offering home, auto, commercial and life insurance.


What Type Of Insurance Do I Need?

By: Ramona Childers- Portland Homeowners Insurance is a must. You wouldn’t walk into a shoe store and expect every pair to fit perfectly, and insurance is like that too, not one size fits all. When it comes to where you live, every situation requires a different type of coverage to ensure you and your possessions […]


Three Insurance Resolutions For The New Year

Like many Americans, cleaning up your diet or finding your dream job might be at the top of your resolutions list in 2022, but don’t forget about your insurance. Many things can change in a year and it is easy to go on autopilot when it comes to renewal time. But a simple policy review […]


Make Sure Your Trees Are Summer Ready.

As the longer days and warmer weather head our way, many of us are focused on getting our yards ready for summer fun and relaxation. But while you are busy making sure your lawn is lush, and your roses are pruned, it is also essential to pay special attention to your trees. Yes, your trees. […]


In Case Of Emergency: Are You Prepared?

Snow, ice, power outages.  Oh my.  Winter weather hit the Portland Metro area hard last week.  If you found yourself rummaging in the dark for working flashlights and panicking while your cell phone slowly died, you are not alone.  According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, half of adults in the US do […]


Is it time to consider earthquake coverage?

Earthquakes and California go together. Or at least that’s what most of the country thought until Tuesday’s East Coast earthquake centered in Virginia. Reports of the earth moving were widespread, coming from New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, and Georgia. Even a few came from as far away as Chicago. Although no news of significant damage emerged, […]


Check Washer Hoses Before a Loss

Washing machine hoses are one of the most neglected but potentially damaging maintenance items in a home.  Because they are out of sight, they are forgotten and give little warning of impending disaster. Not checking your washing machine hoses is like not checking your oil.  Nothing seems to be wrong until that moment when your […]