Four Autumn Driving Safety Hazards

You can feel it coming; summer’s long warm days slowly fade into cooler mornings and darker nights.   Autumn is here, and with it comes some additional hazards that make driving tricky requiring some extra attention .  Children.  With school back in session, be extra mindful of school zones where kids may be walking to […]


Auto Insurance: April Is Distracted Driving Awareness Month 

Personal auto insurance is an important safety net because accidents happen. A  bite of a burger, checking navigation, and flipping through music can be an accident waiting to happen, and that is why April of every year attention is brought to the seriousness of driving while distracted.    Even the best drivers are taking a risk […]


Caution: Catalytic Converter Theft Remains High

Last Spring Elliott, Powell Baden, and Baker reported that with the uncertainty and unrest in the Portland Metro area, we identified a steep rise in catalytic converter thefts. Although things are slowly re-opening and stabilizing in Portland, the team at EPB&B cautions that there remains an extremely high incident of catalytic converter theft.  Catalytic converters […]


What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

 Being involved in a car accident can leave the most experienced driver feeling scattered and overwhelmed.  Knowing these four basic steps in advance of a potential car accident can help you stay calm and take the steps necessary to protect yourself in the post-collision process.  Safety First:  Above all else, check yourself and your passengers […]


Three Insurance Resolutions For The New Year

Like many Americans, cleaning up your diet or finding your dream job might be at the top of your resolutions list in 2022, but don’t forget about your insurance. Many things can change in a year and it is easy to go on autopilot when it comes to renewal time. But a simple policy review […]


Free Event; Car Enthusiasts Supporting Local Portland Businesses

If you have some idle time on your hands this Sunday, fuel up and come visit the Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker booth at the Rose City Extrauto car show in the Portland park blocks from 8am-1pm.  This show was created to hold a free centralized car show all while helping support the local downtown […]


Protect Your Precious Metals

It is no secret that this past year has brought an increase in break-ins and thefts in the Portland Metro area. Here at Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker Insurance, we have identified a steep rise in catalytic converter thefts. Catalytic converters change harmful substances in a car’s exhaust gasses, such as carbon monoxide, nitric oxide, […]


Friendly Wet Weather Driving Reminders

They say all good things must end, and that includes the beautiful weather we have had this Fall. While it’s been fun, Oregonians know darn well what is ahead. Rain, and a lot of it, leaving slick roads and standing water to navigate once again. Here are some driving reminders for even the most experienced […]


Following too close – rear-end auto collisions

Rear-end auto collisions continue to be the most-frequently reported claim in our office.  Did you know that most rear-end accidents occur when the trailing vehicle is following too close or driving at an excessive rate of speed.  Remember to always maintain at least a two- to four-second interval between your vehicle and the vehicle in […]


Open Windows – Child Safety

With the summer weather comes the desire to open windows and let in the fresh air. If you have young children, however, those open windows could be a source of danger – especially if you are on an upper floor. Just recently there have been several toddlers in the Portland Metro Area who have fallen […]