What To Do If You Are In A Car Accident

 Being involved in a car accident can leave the most experienced driver feeling scattered and overwhelmed.  Knowing these four basic steps in advance of a potential car accident can help you stay calm and take the steps necessary to protect yourself in the post-collision process. 

  1. Safety First:  Above all else, check yourself and your passengers for injury. If possible, move your vehicle to the side of the road out of harm’s way.  If the vehicle cannot be moved, stay in the vehicle with the hazard lights on until help arrives. 
  2. Exchange Information. At the scene, it is imperative that you exchange the following information with the other party involved.
    1. Name, address, phone numbers
    2. Insurance Company and  policy numbers
    3. Drivers License numbers
    4. License plate numbers.
    5. Finally, do not admit fault even if you think it might be yours.
  3. Snap Pics.  Take pictures of the damage to all vehicles involved in the collision.  This will help to show the overall context of the accident. If there are witnesses try and get their contact information as they may be able to help you in the case of a dispute between the parties involved. 
  4. File a Report. Whether a fender bender or a major collision calling the police is important.  Filing an OREGON TRAFFIC ACCIDENT AND INSURANCE REPORT will help with the claims process as you move forward. 

Being involved in a car accident is not something you plan for, but knowing what to do if it happens can help protect you as you navigate what happens next. 

Make sure you carry proof of insurance in your.vehicle at all times.
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