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Find the renters insurance you need in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest

Based in Portland, Oregon, EPB&B Insurance knows the the needs of renters across the state of Oregon and around the Northwest. From Baker City to Gresham and beyond we can help you have peace of mind that your possessions are taken care of.

Have you ever tried to put a dollar amount on the items you personally own? The cost of replacing your laptop, your favorite comfy couch or your killer shoe collection could be expensive should you lose them in event of an accident. At EPB&B Insurance we will help keep your stuff protected.

Renters insurance might be for you if do not own the property you reside in. EPP&B of Portland, Oregon will help you find the best renters insurance policy that will protect your personal belongings and assets, help you avoid liability issues, as well as be assured you’re taken care of in case of forced relocation due to a covered loss. It is critical to note that the Dwelling Fire Insurance policy of the property owner does does not cover your items if damaged or destroyed.  Finding out how much renters insurance is for your situation is quick and easy and is worth investigating if you live in an apartment, condo and single family residence.

Key renters insurance coverage points:

  • Replacing personal belongings inside the dwelling due to a covered loss. 
  • Provides temporary relocation assistance if you need to stay somewhere else while your rented residence is being repaired due to a covered loss. 
  • Protect your personal assets if you are found liable. Examples: Your child throws a baseball breaking a neighbor’s window or you accidentally leave the bathtub running overflowing and causing damage to the rented home.
  • It can also extend to your means of transportation, covering items stolen from your car or a stolen bike subject to your deductible. 

It’s important to note that this is a very high-level view of renters insurance and costs vary across the communities of Oregon. Most policies have many additions or endorsements that can be added to enhance your insurance policy to fit your needs. At EPB&B, our account managers are proficient in each company’s insurance policy and are here to help you find the right renters insurance coverage.

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