Seven Tips For Driving Safely in Wet Weather

Driving in fall weather in Oregon can be a beautiful experience with the colorful foliage and crisp air, but it also comes with its own set of challenges. The combination of rain, fog, fallen leaves, and shorter daylight hours can make the roads more hazardous. Seven Tips For Driving Safely in Wet Weather It’s The […]


School bus laws every motorist needs to know

School is back in session, which means school busses in the Portland Metro area are back on the road. Driving safely around school buses is crucial to protect the lives of children and ensure road safety. To achieve this, strict rules and regulations govern how drivers should react when sharing the road with school buses. […]


Five common scams to put on your watch list

In today’s interconnected world, where technology and communication have reached unprecedented heights, scams have evolved and adapted, becoming even more sophisticated. Here, are five  common scams that continue to plague individuals, businesses, and even governments. To protect yourself from falling victim to these scams, several preventive measures can be taken: Scams continue to exploit the […]


Ten ways to protect your health from wildfire smoke

The threat of wildfire smoke poses a significant risk to public health. Wildfire smoke is a complex mixture of delicate particulate matter, gases, and toxic compounds that can adversely affect the respiratory and cardiovascular systems. Protecting your health from wildfire smoke requires proactive measures to minimize exposure and safeguard your well-being. 1. Stay Informed: Monitoring […]


RATS: Nine strategies to keep your home rodent-free 

Rats may be seen more this time of year; in fact, an estimated thirty percent of Americans have had a rodent problem in their home.* Deterring rats from invading your home is essential to protect your property, prevent potential health risks, and maintain a safe living environment. Rats can cause significant damage to structures and […]


Celebrate with Caution Using These Eight Fireworks Safety Tips

No Fourth of July feels complete without the captivating spectacle of fireworks. However, putting on a show-stopping display should not overshadow the importance of practicing fireworks safety. The improper handling and use of fireworks can lead to disastrous consequences, causing injuries, property damage, and even loss of life. Here are some essential guidelines and precautions […]


Protecting Your Skin: The Importance of Proper Sunscreen Use

Few will complain about this beautiful Northwest sunshine we have experienced so far this summer. The sun’s rays provide us with warmth and light, boosting our mood and energy levels, but they also contain harmful ultraviolet (UV) radiation that can damage our skin. With the increasing awareness of the importance of sun protection, proper sunscreen […]


Prepare Now For Wildfire Season

Wildfire season is here, and taking steps now can prepare you and your family to react to a wildfire that could threaten your home or community.  DEVELOP A PLAN: Make a plan with your loved ones on what to do during an emergency.  Write it down and do a practice run-through.  PROTECT YOUR HOME: Give […]


How To Protect Yourself From Heat Related Illness

The Northwest Spring weather took a big jump last week from soggy to sizzling in just a matter of days, breaking seasonal records and making our bodies work overtime to adjust to the extreme temperatures.  Although the forecast shows a cool down this week, we still have a long summer ahead with some anticipated high […]


Tips To Support Mental Health In The Workplace

EPB&B is promoting Mental Health Awareness Month .