Personal Insurance: How To  Avoid Moving Company Scams

The “For Sale” sign is up, which in this fast paced housing market means a moving day cannot be far behind . Moving can feel overwhelming and stressful, but whether you are moving across town or across the country,  don’t trust your stuff to just anyone, do your homework to avoid falling victim to fraudulent moving companies.

The Better Business Bureau reports that there are approximately 13,000 complaints about moving companies each year.  Make sure your moving company is legit by watching for some common red flags.

Do not  work with a moving company that:

  • Does not accept credit cards and instead requires payments be made in cash.
  • Offers an instant on-line quote instead of requiring an in-person inspection of the scope of the job.
  • Asks you to sign blank paperwork or contract.
  • Is not Registered with the Fedral Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

All moving companies that travel interstate are required to be registered with the Fedral Motor Carrier Safety Administration.  On this website you can check a moving company’s registration number,  headquarter location, contact information, complaint record, and safety staus. 

Like with any company you are considering doing business with, asking a trusted friend or family member for a referral and checking  reviews online, including the Better Business Bureau, is always a smart move. 

Despite your best efforts accidents may happen during a move. Make sure your stuff is protected. Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker is happy to help find he right insurance coverage for your next big move.  

Moving companies are required by Federal regulations to supply a “Your Rights And Responsibilities When You Move” booklet to their customers.

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