Umbrella Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance can be a lifeline. We all know accidents can happen and in some cases,  leaving even a well insured individual in a sticky situation. At Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker, we will help determine if an personal umbrella policy is right for you.

Oregon Personal Umbrella Liability Insurance

Personal Umbrella Liability insurance coverage can be indispensable if you find yourself liable for a claim that is greater than your homeowners or auto liability insurance limit.   Many people desire this additional level of coverage because it brings them peace of mind.

A personal umbrella policy provides additional liability coverage to the policy holder and members of their household, for injury or damage to others and their possessions.  It also can cover libel, slander and if you own rental property, can extend coverage over your landlord liability policy.  Let the team at Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker help determine if umbrella coverage is right for you.

Some policies are different from what’s described here.  Be sure to read and understand your individual insurance policy or contact us with any questions you might have.