EPB&B Takes On Portland To Coast

This past weekend, nine EPB&B employees headed out to tackle the 128 mile Portland To Coast relay, otherwise known as the most popular and largest walking relay race in the world, annually drawing participants from over 40 countries and all 50 states. 

This is the first year EPB&B has had a team enter the relay, thanks to the organizational efforts of Personnel Lines Account Manager Donna Jones. 

I wanted to start an EPB&B Walking Team for Portland to Coast to help support all Cancers,” explains Donna.  “Being a survivor,  I had joined a friend’s team last year for Portland to Coast, but our vehicle broke down and we did not get to finish.  I learned a lot about this event from my friend and knowing that several people in the office has either battled cancer, or has a family member, friend or loved one that has battled some form of cancer, I thought it would be great to form an EPB&B team as a show of support.”    

And walking was not required to join the fun, and several employees served as volunteers on the course,  providing support, and guidance for the walkers. 

Following the race the team celebrated at a Seaside beach house for a taco bar, treats and team bonding. 

“This was an item on my bucket list,” says Commercial Lines Account Manager Leeann Harmon, “and completing the relay walk with our team was extra special.  Great team and support!

This was such an amazing office team building experience,” adds Commercial Lines Account Manager Tina DeHut. “Lots of fun and spending time getting to know others that you don’t normally work with daily. What an adventure!”


Off To College: Don’t Forget To Pack An Insurance Policy.

As a student you have a lot to think about before heading to college.  Your parents do too. As you register for classes and secure living accommodations, don’t forget about protecting yourself and your belongings with a Renters insurance policy. 

It may seem like a college student does not have a lot in terms of valuables, but laptops, TVs, jewelry, shoes, and art supplies can add up to thousands of dollars.  Money that a student may not have the means to replace. 

“When a student is living off-campus, even if it’s not required by the landlord, Renters insurance protects personal property from theft, fire, and water damage,” explains EPB&B Personal Lines Account Manager Denice Nelson.  “Renters policies also carry personal liability in case of injury on their property.”  

As a student, having Renters coverage protects you from an injured party going after your parent’s liability too. In addition, the loss of use coverage offered in a Renters policy also includes additional living expenses that may incur if your home becomes unsuitable to live in due to a covered loss.

A typical Renters policy also referred to as an HO4, consists of 4 main coverages:

Personal property

-Loss of use

-Personal Liability


“A $500 deductible is fairly standard, and depending on the amount of content chosen, and they can run as low as $10 a month,” says Denice.  

A good investment for great piece of mind allowing you to focus on academics (and some fun) at school. 
Contact Us For more information on what type of policy is right for you, or your student.


EPB&B Inc Meeting The Unique Needs Of The Aviation Industry

Imagine how different life would be if we couldn’t just pack a bag and jet off across the state, the country or beyond.

Since 1939 when President Franklin Delano Roosevelt established National Aviation Day on August 19th of every year, the country has been celebrating the pioneers of human flight.

At Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker Inc, we know a little something about aviation.  From corporate aircraft to UAV’s, our dedicated team of professionals will help keep your business flying high.

Providing insurance protection for the aviation industry requires understanding the business and it’s special needs.  Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker insurance professionals are aware of the potential risks within the aviation industry and strive to protect you and your business.  Contact us for a complementary policy review and the opportunity to create an insurance package customized to fit your specific needs.  Whether your business involves corporate aviation, aircraft management, maintenance repair and overhaul, fixed-based operations, aerospace/aviation manufacturing, or UAV/UAS, a plan is right for you. 

Specialized coverages offered include:

  • General Liability
  • Errors and Omissions
  • Directors and Officers
  • Hull Liability
  • Auto Liability
  • Aviation Products Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Group Health
  • Property
  • Cyber Liability / Data Breach

Whether you are flying through the air or crafting a paper airplane, take a moment today to appreciate these amazing machines and the people who pilot them.


EPB&B Serves Up A Meal And A Surprise

Chicken enchiladas, rice, and beans were on the menu yesterday as a team from EPB&B showed to volunteer for Sunday Service at Feed the Hungry, a local non profit dedicated to serving a hot meal every Sunday to people in need. But that was not all the team was dishing up.

EPB&B has been in partnership with Feed The Hungry for over almost two decades, and it continues to be near and dear to the heart and mission of our agency. Yesterday, the team from EPB&B team put down their serving spoons and presented a check for $5,000 in recognition and gratitude for what FTH offers to people in need in our community.

“ Feed The Hungry is the ultimate grassroots charity with a dedicated vision of providing a hot, nutritious meal to people in need, “ says EPB&B President Marc Baker. “We are grateful to provide hands on service as well as financial support and we are in awe of the passion. commitment, respect, and love that our friends at FTH provide this community.”


Avoid The Bite: Tips For Reducing Mosquitos Around Your Home

Unwanted guests are annoying, and this year there seems to be more than ever buzzing around our  backyard barbecues and front porch get togethers.

A very wet Spring followed by warm summer temperatures has made many areas in Oregon a fertile breeding ground for mosquitos.  Multnomah county has seen a record-setting number of mosquitoes this summer, the largest since 2010.   

And while the mosquitoes are a force to be revoked with this summer, there are things you can do to eliminate places where they breed and reduce the number of them around your home.

  • Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, and toys.
  • Empty and change the water in fountains, bird baths, wading pools, and pitted plant trays at least once a week. 
  • Keep the water in swimming pools treated and circulating. 
  • If you have a pond, consider adding a water feature as immature mosquitoes cannot breathe in standing water. 

Mosquitoes love to come out at dusk especially when temperatures are around a pleasant seventy degrees. Go  HERE to learn how to avoid getting bitten and enjoy the rest of your summer.

If possible, save your yard work for the early morning as mosquitos do not like cool air.


We Need Your Vote: EPB&B Gets Packing With Project Never Again

It was all hands on deck to help Project Never Again prepare 5,000 duffel bags for the over ten thousand kids in the Oregon Foster care system. Seven EPB&B team members joined the over two hundred volunteers to fill each duffel with a journal to give the kids an outlet to express their thoughts and feelings, a personalized caring card offering words of encouragement an hope, along with a hand designed luggage tag. These bags will be delivered directly to Child Welfare Offices throughout Oregon

Due to limited resources, most children entering foster care are often removed from homes with their belongings in trash bags. Project Never Again’s  sole mission is to help children avoid the humiliation that comes through this experience. Your support will extend compassion to vulnerable children as bags are delivered directly to Child Welfare Offices throughout Oregon. 

EPB&B is doing more than packing bags but we need your help.  Project Never Again is a finalist for the Liberty/Safeco Insruance Make More Happen Award but they need your vote. Please VOTE HERE and help us give kids in the Oregon foster care system hope and dignity by raising $10,000 in support of Project Never Again.Together, we can make a difference!


Wellness Wednesday; One Eating Habit That May Improve Your Health

Gulping a latte on the way to work, chomping a sandwich between meetings, munching on your kid’s fries on the way to soccer practice only to collapse, stressed, at the end of the day with a bag of chocolate chip cookies. Is it any wonder you feel tired, overwhelmed, and bloated?  

Eating mindlessly is not only a result of a busy lifestyle. It is often used to soothe unwanted emotions and feelings; A bag of chips when you frantically trying to meet a deadline or a pint of ice cream when you feel sad or lonely.  And while eating mindlessly can give you a quick fix, it often contributes to a host of longer-term physical issues such as weight gain, poor digestion, fatigue, and poor sleep.  But what does it mean to eat mindfully and with intention? Mindful eating includes:

  • Eating slowly and without distraction.
  • Listening to physical hunger cues and eating only until you’re full.
  • Distinguishing between true hunger and non-hunger triggers for eating.
  • Engaging your senses by noticing colors, smells, sounds, textures, and flavors.
  • Eating for health and well-being.
  • Noticing the effects food has on your feelings and body.
  • Appreciate your food. 

Small changes in your eating patterns will make a big difference.  This week choose three meals and try one or more of these mindful eating tips:

  • Eat your meal at a table.
  • Turn off all distractions while you eat, including laptops, phones, and TV (Ted Lasso will wait). 
  • Put your fork down for a moment between each bite. 
  • Utilize dimmer lighting or candles to create a relaxing atmosphere.
  • Breathe. 

We all lead busy and stressful lives, and eating mindfully is not easy. In fact, it is a habit that might take practice for some people.  But take a moment and slow down; your mind and body will thank you for it.

By: Sherri Sacconaghi, Creative Strategist at EPB&B Insurance, and former Health and Fitness Coach.  


Help us Make More Happen and win $10,000 for Project Never Again-Please Vote

We’ve got exciting news, and a simple way for you to help those in need!

Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker has been selected as a Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award winner for volunteering with Project Never Again! This fantastic organization takes on the important mission to extend compassion and dignity through duffel bags for children in foster care. 
Along with being named a Make More Happen Award winner, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance made a $5,000 donation to Project Never Again in the agency’s honor, and now we have a chance to turn that into $10,000! That’s where you come in. Help us get to 500 votes on our story and the donation doubles! 

Visit our story at www.agentgiving.com/Elliott-Powell-Baden-Baker and follow the instructions to vote:Leave a short comment to cheer us on at the bottom of our storyUse the social media buttons on the page to spread the word to your friends about the donation and how to help.*
You can share and comment from each of your devices (smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.) making your voice go a long way in helping us achieve $10,000 for Project Never Again! Please vote by 8/31/2022. We appreciate your support!