A three step Resolution Roadmap for a successful 2024

Call them resolutions, intentions, or goals.  The new year is fast approaching it is when many of us vow that THIS will be the year we keep our resolutions, only to give up on them by valentines day.  Researchers suggest that only 9% of Americans that make resolutions complete them. In fact, research goes on to show that 23% of people quit their resolution by the end of the first week, and 43% quit by the end of January.  

Not this year.  It is up to you, right now, to decide if this year will be better for you than the last. But it takes some thought and planning to make goals stick.


Plan to buy a new car, build a home addition or grow your business? January is the perfect time to make sure your insurance is in order. Contact us and we will help you find the right insurance to cover your goals for 2024.

Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.  Make a plan, put in the effort, and cheer yourself on and imagine what you can achieve in 2024. Happy New Year. 


EPB&B welcomes a new Commercial Lines Assistant to our growing team

Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker is pleased to welcome our new Commercial Lines Assistant, James Curtis to our team. With the addition of James, we have added ten new employees to our ever growing team in 2023 as we close out what has been a record breaking year for EPB&B. It is this success that has allowed us to hire skilled, motivated customer focused people such as James. Here is more about James, his experience and his love of music.

Welcome to the team James.


Hosting holiday parties: Five ways to address liability risk

Are you planning to rock around the Christmas tree with friends and family this season? Along with the  fun and festivities, when hosting people for a holiday party, there is always a risk of unexpected  liability concerns but with  some pre preparation  some of this risk can be mitigated. Here a five risks hosts should be aware of to ensure the safety and well-being of their guests.

 Alcohol Consumption:

  • Social Host Liability: In some cases,  hosts may be held liable for injuries or damages caused by guests who have consumed alcohol at the party. It’s important to be aware of any guest who has has had one too many  and avoid serving alcohol to minors.
  • Designated Drivers: Encourage responsible drinking and make sure guests have alternatives for transportation, such as designated drivers or Uber/Lyft. .

Property Hazards:

  • Maintaining a Safe Environment: Ensure that your property is free of hazards that could cause injury, such as slippery walkways, uneven surfaces, or tripping hazards like cords or area rugs. Take steps to address any potential dangers before the event.
  • Supervision of Activities: Be attentive to activities taking place on your property to prevent accidents. This includes monitoring any reindeer games that may pose risks.

Food Safety:

  • Foodborne Illnesses: Practice proper food handling and storage to reduce the risk of foodborne illnesses. Ensure that perishable foods are stored at the correct temperatures and that food preparation areas are clean and hygienic.

Security and Guest Behavior:

  • Security Measures: Depending on the size of the party, consider implementing security measures to ensure the safety of guests. This may include checking guest lists, having a designated security person, or coordinating with local law enforcement if necessary.
  • Addressing Disruptive Behavior: Be prepared to address any disruptive or unruly behavior among guests promptly to maintain a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

Accommodating Guests with Special Needs:

  • Accessibility: Ensure that your venue is accessible to all guests, including those with mobility challenges. This may involve providing ramps, accessible bathrooms, or other accommodations as needed.
  • Allergies and Dietary Restrictions: Inquire about guests’ allergies and dietary restrictions when planning the menu and/or label buffet food items with ingredient list to prevent allergic reactions.

Insurance Coverage:


EPB&B met our match donating $5,000 to Stone Soup

You donate to Portland based non profit Stone Soup  and we will match it,  That was the promise the team at Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker made, and we always keep our promises. 

As part of the Willamette Week Give/ Guide! We partnered with Stone Soup last week, offering  matching donation for every dollar raised up to $5,000. And thanks to the generosity of so many people in the community that goal was quickly met,  and today we happily presented a check to $5,000 for Stone Soup.

Stone Soup empowers individuals to feed communities.  The money donated to Stone Soup goes toward training in workforce development and hands on culinary expertise for people who might otherwise be facing homelessness. Their participants learn the skills necessary to obtain gainful employment by making tasty, healthy and fresh meals for shelter guests, all within a trauma-informed environment.  Participants not only get the training for free, but Stone Soup  pays them a stipend to train as well.  The more funds raised, the more people they can help develop skills that can give them tools to earn a living.

Looking for that perfect last minute gift? Community members can also support the Stone Soup program by purchasing soup subscriptions, and gift cards and order catering for your holiday events. 

“The matching donation promotion for Stone Soup is a fun way to support this wonderful non profit,” says EPB&B Creative Strategist, Sherri Sacconaghi.  “ The dedication of the people at Stone Soup to their mission of giving training and hope to people at risk for homelessness is inspirational and we are  proud to be an ongoing part of their support network.”  

EPB&B President Marc Baker (center-L) and his team present Stone Soup Executive Director Craig Gerard (centre-R) and his team with a $5,000 matching gift.


Managing Holiday Stress: Five Practical Tips for a Joyful Season

The holiday season is often depicted as a time of joy, warmth, and togetherness. However, for many individuals, the reality can be quite different. The pressures of holiday preparations, gift-giving, and social obligations can contribute to heightened stress levels. In order to truly enjoy the festive season, it is essential to develop effective strategies for managing and mitigating holiday stress. Here are various a few tips to help navigate the challenges and demands of the holiday season.

Prioritize Self-Care

Self care is important any time of the year, but amidst the hustle and bustle of holiday preparations, it is more crucial than ever. This means taking intentional steps to nurture your physical and mental well-being. Adequate sleep, balanced nutrition, and regular exercise play a significant role in stress reduction. Setting aside time for relaxation activities such as reading, meditation, or a warm bath can also contribute to overall well-being. Prioritizing self-care, can help you better cope with the demands of the holiday season.

Set Realistic Expectations

The perfect gift, the perfect party, the perfect family outing, talk about stress! One common source of holiday stress is the pressure to meet unrealistic expectations, whether self-imposed or influenced by media. It is essential to set realistic expectations for yourself and others. This may involve acknowledging limitations, setting boundaries, and recognizing that perfection is unattainable. Embracing a more realistic outlook can alleviate the burden of unmet expectations. In other words, let some of it go. 

Create a Manageable Schedule

The holiday season often brings a flurry of social events, family gatherings, and commitments. To prevent feeling overwhelmed, try and create a manageable schedule that allows for downtime and relaxation. Prioritize events and activities that bring genuine joy and fulfillment, and don’t be afraid to decline invitations that may contribute to stress. Establishing a balanced schedule ensures that there is time for both festive celebrations and personal rejuvenation.

Budget Wisely

Forty percent of Americans have already entered the holiday in more financial debt than a year go. Financial strain is a significant source of stress during the holidays. Establishing a realistic budget for gifts, decorations, and festivities can help individuals avoid the anxiety associated with overspending. Consider creative and meaningful gift-giving alternatives, such as homemade presents or experiences, to reduce financial pressure. By managing finances wisely, you can focus on the true spirit of the holidays rather than succumbing to monetary stress.

Delegate and Collaborate

It’s easy to feel overwhelmed when shouldering the responsibility of holiday preparations alone. Delegating tasks and collaborating with others can alleviate stress and foster a sense of shared comunity. Whether it’s organizing a potluck dinner, sharing decorating duties, or assigning specific responsibilities to family members, teamwork can make the holiday season more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Embrace Flexibility

The holiday season rarely unfolds exactly as planned, and unforeseen challenges may arise. Embracing flexibility and maintaining a positive attitude in the face of unexpected events can significantly reduce stress. Rather than fixating on perfection, view deviations from the plan as opportunities for spontaneity and cherished memories. A flexible mindset allows individuals to adapt to changing circumstances and find joy in the present moment.

Effectively managing holiday stress requires a proactive approach that encompasses self-care, realistic expectations, thoughtful scheduling, financial mindfulness, collaboration, and flexibility. By implementing these tips, individuals can transform the holiday season from a source of stress into a time of genuine joy, connection, and celebration.