Introducing The Baker Family Foundation

Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker is excited to introduce the Baker Family Foundation. 

Keeping the mission of community giving at the forefront, the Baker Family Foundation has been recently established by Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker President Marc Baker with the mission of providing an accessible way to provide financial support to small, local, non-profit organizations that provide services to those in need in our community.

The Baker Family Foundation is a 501c3 that works in conjunction with Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker, Inc. Community donations and corporate sponsorship money donated to the Baker Family Foundation are funneled directly to the  local charitable organization  EPB&B so generously supports.

The Baker Family Foundation is dedicated to supporting the organizations on the Portland Community that serve those who may otherwise fall through the cracks. Whether serving a hot meal to people in need, supporting the arts through youth scholarships, offering help and hope to families who are struggling or helping man’s best friend, we at EPB&B believe everyone has something to give that will make a difference to people in their communities. 

We appreciate your donation  all of which are 100 percent donated into a local Portland area charity. 

If you are a non profit interested in Grant opportunities from Baker Family Foundation apply here.  

Money raised through the Baker Family Foundation is funneled directly into the local non profits that EPB&B supports. (Here the EPB&B crew serves a hot meal to people in need and a check to Feed The Hungry Board of Directors. )


Five Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked 

We play games, do our banking, buy stuff, and Google, all from the palm of our hands.   Our phones are handy mini computers so it is no surprise that, according to RSA Security,  sixty percent of fraud occurs on a mobile phone with eighty percent of those attacks stemming from and app.

Cybercriminals are sneaky and could be syphoning from bank accounts, tracking your whereabouts and monitoring your personal data without you knowing. Get ahead of these criminals by being aware of the signs your phone has been hacked.

  1.  Fast Battery Drain.  Older phones lose their ability to hold power but spyware sucks a lot of energy from your phone’s battery too.  If you have a newer phone and  the battery drains quickly, you make have been hacked. 
  2. Unusual Activity On Social Accounts: If there are unrecognized activities on your social media or emails account that are connected to your phone, it could mean that a hacker has gained access to the device, and it could lead to identity theft.   
  3. Slow Performance. If your phone shows sluggish performance like crashing of apps, freezing of the screen and unexpected restarts, these are signs of a hacked device.  
  4. Stange Sounds During Phone Calls.  If you notice strange blips or beeps during a phone call it may be a sign someone is listening in.
  5. Unfamiliar Apps Appear On Your Phone.  Apps add up over time and it is a good idea to clear them when you no longer use them.  Do occasional checks to make sure the apps on your phone are ones you have installed.  If not, uninstall them. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a cyber attack :

  • Delete unrecognized applications: Check your apps and delete all that you do not recognize.  
  • Run anti-malware applications: Download a trustworthy anti-malware app that will detect malware and get rid of it.  
  • Reset your phone: Resetting your phone is the easiest way to get rid of the malware.  
  • Reset your passwords: Change the password of accounts connected to your phone to prevent the hacker from collecting your personal data.  

Know the signs and protect yourself from persistent and sneaky cybercriminals. 


Seven Fun Finds To Support This Small Business Saturday

Small business is at the core of our city, and despite the pandemic and unrest Portland, there are many wonderful small businesses that have persevered and made it through to bring us fine food, fashion, art and accessories.   We are fortunate at Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker to insure some of the best small businesses in town.  Please take time this Saturday  November 26, 2022 to go out and support local small businesses.  Here are some of our top picks:

Dana Herbert Accessories

If you are looking for that unique gift for the hard to shop for someone, look no further. Dana Herbert lives in Portland  where she has been designing and manufacturing her line of women’s accessories and home goods since 1998. Her daughter, Hannah Price, works alongside her in the family business. Hannah and Dana design each piece of jewelry together to create a cohesive collection of everyday pieces that pair well with the wide range of scarves they offer. The entire product line, including pouches, scarves, jewelry, cosmetic bags, and Sweet Dreams, are manufactured in Portland, Oregon. 

Although dana Herbert Design is closed on Saturday, you an shop online or find them Tuesday-Friday 11am -5pm  3525 NE Broadway, Portland, OR 97232.

Jackpot Records

A must shop for any music aficionado . Owner Issac Slusarenko fulfilled a dream when he opened Jackpot records in SE Portland in 1997 and to this day is an enduring source for new & used vinyl records, CDs, DVDs & collectibles, plus in-store performances. A perfect spot to shop for the music lover on your list. Open 11am -6pm, 3574 Southeast Hawthorne Blvd. Portland, Oregon, 97214

Flipside Hats

Everyone loves a hat. Flipside Hats began nearly 20 years ago in Portland when the founder Kori was in medical school. Just like the first hat sewn by hand from vintage fabric, their hats are still handcrafted in America with sustainable and recycled materials. Flipside Hats makes beautiful, long-lasting hats and accessories with superb function that fit and flatter wonderfully diverse people.  Your purchases at Flipside Hats support US workers and minimize world waste. Open 9am-4pm, 850 SE Stark St, Portland, OR 97215 

Michael Parsons Fine Art

Whether you are in the market for fine art of just like to admire, take time out of your day to visit Michael Parsons Fine Art. Michael Parsons Fine Art (formerly Sovereign Fine Art) was founded in May of 2013.  The gallery specializes in historic Northwest art, but also shows fine American and European paintings.  They represent contemporary artists and a number of legendary Northwest artist’s estates.  While the primary focus of the gallery is on painting, they are also interested in print making, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, and photography.  Michael Parsons has a broad and diverse inventory, encompassing 19th century landscape painting, impressionism, mid-century modernism, and abstraction.  Artists and artist’s estates they  represent include Myra Wiggins, Melville Wire, Howard Sewall, Marc Boone, Laurel Buchanan, Lisa Caballero, Brigitte Dortmund, Michael Gibbons, Dean Hanson, Liisa Rahkonen, Melinda Thorsnes, and Mardi Wood. Open 12pm-5pm,  716 SW madison, 97025


Take a break and refuel after a long day of shopping at Navarre. Navarre serves small and large plates of delicious food of Italian French and Spanish orgin in addition to  50+ wines by the glass.  They work with a csa (47th Avenue Farms) and the specials are based on what is delivered that week along with the whims and interests of the staff. Bon Apetit!  NE 28th Avenue, 97232 4:30pm-10:30pm

Michael Allen’s

If you want  to look your best for the upcoming holiday festivities a stop here is sure to please.  Michael created Michael Allen’s Clotheir in 1992.  He specializes in high end gentlemans fashion and offers a winde selection of the finest ready-made designer menswear but the team is known for their expert customization capabilities of suits, sports coats, pants, outerwear and casual clothing for men and women . Open 11am -6pm, 811 SW Morrisn Street, Portland, 97025

Hoody’s Collectibles

Have a sports fan in your life? Hoody’s Collectibles offers a large selection of Sportscard boxes, packs ,and singles. They also carry a wide range of autograph memorabilia from all major sports. Have a favorite team? Hoody’s also has a wide range of fan merchandise from banners all the way to trash cans.

Hoody’s Collectibles opened their doors in 2017 and is owned by Tait Hoodenpyl, Elton Mask who both participated in College athletics and have a true passion for not only sports but the historical artifact that make collecting such an amazing hobby. Open 10am-7pm 8602 SW Hall Blvd, Beaverton  97008 

And when it comes to buying Insurance Elliott, Powell Baden and Baker is your local independent agent. Second generation owned, EPB&B has been part of the Portland community for over 70 years. Contact Us and we will help ensure you have the right insurance that fits your personal and business insurance needs.

Thank you for supporting our local community.


To Our Generous Sponsors We Thank You For Making the EPB&B Open House A Record Breaking Success

Our favorite event was back live and in person last Friday as we celebrated the fifteenth annual Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker Industry Holiday Open House at the Tiffany Center in Southwest Portland.

The goal of our Holiday Open house is three-fold; To thank our industry professional partners for their collaboration and partnership over the past year, to raise money for Portland area nonprofits, and to kick off the holiday season with a fun, festive atmosphere filled with games, food, a silent auction, and surprise guest appearances.

This year we are pleased to announce a record-breaking fundraising effort for our selected non-profits; Children’s Healing Art Project: CHAP, an organization providing innovative and inclusive healing arts programs free of charge to children, teens, and families affected by pediatric illness, disability, and special needs and  One Tail at a Time PDX, dedicated to improving the lives of companion animals by providing humane, individualized care and a chance to know the comforts of a loving home through advocacy, education, and support of those in need.​ 

This fun and fundraising is all made possible due to the support of this year’s sponsors, who generously stepped in to support our mission of giving back to those in need in the Portland Community.   

“ We are grateful to the twenty-eight sponsors who collectively brought record-breaking financial support allowing us to give generously to our two well deserving non-profits, more so than ever before,” says EPB&B President Marc Baker.  

 Thank you to this year’s sponsors; The ISU Group, Liberty Mutual, Safeco Insurance, Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Cincinnati Insurance, Paul Davis Restoration, Oregon Mutual Insurance, Chubb, The Hanover Insurance Group, Griffin Underwriting Services, Crum & Forster Insurance,  IPFS: Insurance Premium Financing Solutions, Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company, First Insurance Funding, Western National Insurance, CRC Group: Wholesale & Specialty Insurance, BELFOR USA, American Hallmark Insurance, The Hartford, Rothertinsurance, ISG | Insurance Specialty Group,  Washington Trust Bank, McKee Risk Management, Inc., NW Preferred, BankDirect Capital, UFG Insurance 

And of course a big shout out to the team members at EPB&B who worked tirelessly to organize this event down to the last detail ensuring this celebration would be the best yet. Well Done team.

Thank you to our sponsors for making our 2022 Holiday Open House such a success.


Three Musts To Ensure Your Home Ready For Winter

It may still be Fall according to the calendar, but Mother Nature has left no question that winter is here.  While you may be busy with holiday menu planning and gift buying, don’t forget to get your home in winter weather condition.  

  1.  Get Your Furnace Inspected.  Sure, your furnace may be working now, but why risk the chance it will die when you need it the most?   Spend a little money upfront to have your furnace inspected and repaired.  Not only will it give you peace of mind, but it is also significantly less expensive to do preventative maintenance than a crisis fix. 
  2. Wrap Your Pipes.  Admittedly this is less fun than wrapping that perfect gift, but a must-do when winterizing your home. Pipes exposed to colder temperatures in unheated or cool areas of your home are susceptible to freezing and expansion, creating a tremendous mess if they burst from the pressure. Wrap your pipes in insulation to help keep them warm and make sure everyone in your household knows where the water shut-off is in case of an emergency.
  3. Clean Your Gutters.  Hopefully, this is already on your to-do list as the autumn leaves are fully falling because clogged gutters can wreak havoc on your home.  Gutters clogged up with leaves and other debris in winter can be especially hazardous—blockages that slow water flow can allow ice to form, creating dams and icicles that can damage your exterior.

This list is a start but only the tip of the icicle in preparing your home for winter and lowing your winter home costs. So sneak in these not-so-fun but necessary chores and your friends, family, and pocketbook with thank you for this winter.

Contact us to make sure the proper homeowners insurance  coverage is in place to protect you and your home.


Three Tips to Surviving The Holidays

 It looks as if this holiday season will be closer to pre-COVID-level festivities than in the recent past.  For some of us, we are ready to deck the halls and shop the malls, for others the holidays can bring with it a wide array of emotions like anxiety and loneliness.  Regardless of your holiday agenda for next couple of months, make sure your plans include taking care of yourself.

  1.  Find An Outlet For Stress.  With the current events nationally and globally, life is difficult enough for everyone at the moment, and for many, the holidays can add to that stress.  Now more than ever, it is important to take the tie in your day to do something that lifts your spirits.  Studies have shown that exercise, connecting with a friend or giving back to others boosts your feel-good hormone serotonin.  Then, of course, there is always chocolate. 
  2. Say NO to perfectionism. Cooking the perfect meal, hosting the perfect, party, finding the perfect gift.  Talk about stress.  This holiday ease up on yourself, no one expects perfection, in fact, a little mishap here and there always makes for great stories for years to come. 
  3. Slow Down.  With restrictions mainly lifted this year, there are so many more options for attending events and social gatherings, and you may feel the pull to make up for lost years.  This can make you feel burnt out and exhausted.  Instead, prioritize the events that mean the most to you so you can attend them feeling refreshed and engaged and maybe even the life of the party.

Whether you plan on parties and pie baking or couch lounging and Hallmark movies, do what makes you feel happy and fulfilled this holiday season.  

Take time for yourself so you can enjoy others this holiday season.


An Exceptional Customer Experience Continues With Our New VP of First Impressions, Jesica Baca

Exceptional customer service at Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker, Inc starts from the very first interaction. That is why we believe one of the most important positions at our agency starts at the front desk with our Vice President of First Impressions.

This position is used as an entryway into the insurance business, it is a program over time that has given those looking for a new career to see if insurance is a good fit for them and gives a  person insight into the different opportunities available to them within EPB&B  and the industry.  It is so successful that the past seven-team members who have held this position have moved on to other positions in the agency, including Arlene Sieler who has recently been promoted to a Commercial Lines Assistant only five months after her start at EPB&B. 

This week we are pleased to welcome our new Vice President of First Impressions, Jesica Baca.

What is your professional background?   I recently graduated from Gonzaga University where I studied Sociology with minors in Political Science and Leadership.

What interests you about beginning a career in insurance? I do not come from an insurance background, but what interested me about it was that it allows you to help others. That has always been an interest of mine, but I had never thought of insurance as a way to do it until now.

What made you choose EPB&B as the next stop for you on your career path? What stood out to me about EPB&B was how community focused it is. I could tell they care about the community they are a part of and look for ways to be engaged and give back. It seemed like a great place to grow.

Anything you would like to share that will help others get to know you a little bit better?I like to spend my free time going on hikes with my sisters, exploring new places to eat, and hanging out at home rewatching some of my favorite shows. 

Welcome to the team Jesica.