EPB&B President Looks Ahead To 2022

As I take time to pause and reflect on this year of 2021, including our second holiday season, which was altered by the continuing presence of Covid-19, I can’t help but feel more strongly than ever,  it is time to focus on moving forward.

I have found many silver linings in this past year; the enhancement of our business model to be nimble in times of uncertainty so that we continued to strive for an exceptional customer experience, being closer with family, staff, and friends working through the challenges that daily life brings us, as well as recognition of the things that I may have taken for granted before the onset of Covid-19.

In 2022, I will move forward to continue to embrace the many wonderful grassroots, local, nonprofit organizations that provide hope locally with a hand up for those in need. I will move forward and strive to recognize what I have taken for granted in the past and show appreciation by paying it forward today and beyond. I will move forward and continue to provide positive mentorship based on my real-life experiences and insight from past generations to those who will shape our future.

I believe that together we can rally and move forward as a community to support our city, recognizing that the promotion of a small business-friendly climate and a cleaner, safer environment will shape our community to be a place that is better than ever before.

I hope that 2022 brings you good health, safety, and an opportunity to renew a sense of community as we move forward and strive for a better tomorrow.

EPB&B President Marc Baker looking ahead to 2022.


EPB&B Offers a Happy Holiday To Three Local Non Profits

Once again this year has been difficult for so many in our community and we are grateful for the organizations that work tirelessly to support those in need. This week Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker, had the privilege of offering our financial support by donating $5,000 each to The Jeremy Wilson Foundation, Stone Soup, and Birch Community Services,  three grassroots local nonprofits that are giving hope of a better life to those who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

The Jeremy Wilson Foundation, is a support group for those involved in the music community, providing medical health or related support for local musicians, composers, DJs and support crew in Oregon and Cark County Washington. 

Stone Soup PDX Stone Soup PDX is a non-profit foodservice training enterprise based in Portland, OR, providing workforce development & hands-on culinary expertise to people at risk of homelessness.

Birch Community Services addresses the roots of hunger and economic hardship in our community. Their mission is to provide a community where people can be responsible and accountable for meeting their basic needs and to equip them with tools to overcome financial difficulty.

We are grateful for the work these organizations do in offering hope and help to so many in our community.


Holiday Hacks To Help Keep You On Track

Work, kids, baking, parties, travel, and finding the perfect gift, sure it may be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful.   Try these easy tips to help find a little sanity this holiday season. 

  1.  Disconnect.  Constant access to electronics, media, and work can make you more efficient on the job but it also makes it difficult to recharge for other areas of your life.  

Try this: Turn off your phone for one hour after work, and focus on something that recharges your battery. 

  1. Just Say No: As COVID restrictions are allowing for more holiday gatherings this season, it may be tempting to make up for lost time, leaving you to feel depleted. 

Try this: Ignore the “ I should’s“ that run through your head and only say yes to the people and events that matter to you.

  1. Make A List:  Santa isn’t the only one who needs a list this time of year. Don’t rely on your harried brain to remember all you have to get done.  

Try this: Make a daily list of the day’s most urgent items and for an extra boost, check each item off when they are completed.  

Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give to the ones you love.

Give yourself a break and use a pen, your phone or Alexa to help you stay on top of your “To Do” list.


Three Tips For Safe Online Shopping This Holiday

Comfy slippers, a warm fire, and your laptop.  Online shopping has made finding that perfect gift easy and stress free. Online shopping may help you avoid the long lines and loud holiday music but it can expose you to another frustrating and time-consuming issue; Cyber risk. Protect yourself and your identity by taking extra precautions when shopping online.

  1.  Charge it: When shopping online, stick to using a credit card instead of debit.  Because your debit card is linked to your bank account, you are at a much higher risk if you do get hacked.  As a bonus most credit cards offer protection against fraudulent use of your information.
  2. Think About The Link:  Beware of those “must-have” deals that come through email and pop up on social media sites.  If you are tempted to click on a link offering an amazing deal, take a deep breath and do your research on the company first.  As they say, if it is too good to be true, well, you know.
  3. Public Enemy:  Free hotspots are a lifesaver when you are out bustling around but any info you give when you are on a public network is a gift for cybercriminals.  Do not log into banking information (or PayPal and similar sites) and make sure you are logged out of such sites before you pop onto a public network.

It is always a good idea to beef up your passwords too because no one wants the gift of a cyber attack this holiday. 

Wishing you happy(and safe) holiday shopping this season.