EPB&B Recognized Once Again As A Top Corporate Philanthropist

Taking care of our team members, customers, and the people in the Portland community is what EPB&B is all about.  We are happy to announce that EPB&B has been recognized by the Portland Business Journal as a Top Corporate Philanthropist award winner, coming in at an impressive #3  on the list of small business and showing an eighteen percent increase in financial giving from 2021.

“One of the reasons I am so proud to work for EPB&B is because of the increasingly rare combination of values and action,” says Personal Lines Account Manager and an active volunteer, Olivia Astrue. “Not only do our company values align with my personal values, but we have an amazing team that shows up time and time again for our community. I feel very lucky to have frequent opportunities to volunteer at local nonprofits where we can make a real difference.” 

Whether it’s providing housing for families in a tight spot, serving hot meals to people in need, promoting the arts through funding student scholarship programs, or offering support to animals, we welcome the opportunity to pay it forward by supporting organizations in the community that help improve the lives of others.

A big thank you to our team members, customers and professional partners, it is because of your generosity and support of our mission that this recognition is made possible.  


EPB&B Is Pleased To Welcome Commercial Lines Account Manager Jessica Volk To Our Team

We are please to introduce Jessica Volk, our new Commercial Lines Account Manager at Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker, Inc. Her experience, coupled with her passion for building strong customer relationships, make Jessica a perfect fit for our team.  Here is a little bit more about Jessica’s experience, career path and life outside the office. 

  1. What is your background in the insurance industry?  I have 8 years of experience in insurance. Starting as an administrative assistant and working my way to being an account manager. My background in insurance has primarily been habitational and am looking forward to working on everything. 
  1. What is it that you like about working in the industry?  I am someone who welcomes change. I appreciate how the industry is always changing. I love talking with people and building relationships. There’s something special in the way that someone can trust your abilities to do right by them without knowing them at first.
  2.  What made you choose EPB&B as the next stop for you on your career path? The second I walked in the doors to EPB&B, I knew this is where I wanted to be. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming. The work that this company does for the community also blew me away. Not only writing business of local companies, but also giving back to the community. This is definitely a special place.  
  3. Anything you would like to share that will help others get to know you a little bit better? I have two young girls that keep me busy and on my toes. Spring is my favorite season. Not only because the flowers are blooming, but also because it’s softball season. You will see me outside on a softball field during the spring as I coach JV softball at Jesuit High School.

Welcome to the team Jessica. 

Jessica Volk,

Commercial Lines Account Manager




Winter Is Coming;  4 Tips For Fireplace Safety

It is mid-October, and the sun shines bright through the slowly changing leaves of Fall.  But the foggy mornings and the chillier evenings are a reminder that winter is just around the corner.  Before you cover your backyard grill and set your sights on the indoors, ensure your fireplace is ready for those cozy evenings by the fire. 

  1.  Clean Your Chimney.  Before you light your first fire of the season, schedule an appointment for a chimney sweep. Mary Poppins aside, an annual fireplace inspection will check for the build-up of creosote that can cause dangerous blockages that reduce ventilation and airflow. 
  2. Mind The Ashes. Once a month, clean the firebox (the area where the wood burns).  Place used ashes outside in a metal container at least 3 feet from the house as ashes can remain hot long after the fire has cooled. 
  3. Clear Your Space.  It’s lovely to sit by a warm fire on a cold night but keep furniture at least three feet away from the fireplace and always use a metal screen in from the fireplace to catch the wayward sparks from a crackling fire. 
  4. Check The Flue. Before lighting a fire, make sure the flue and vents are open.  To ensure your flue is open, light a match and blow it out while holding it in the fireplace.  If the smoke rises up the chimney, the flue is open. 

As winter rolls in and brings harsher weather, make sure your homeowners and renters insurance policies are up to date.  Contact us for questions and assistance. 


Five Ways To Save At The Supermarket

Supply shortages,  a diminished workforce,  and inflation have driven the cost of daily living skyrocketing, requiring lifestyle changes to help make ends meet.  With the dollar having to go further,  frugality has become more important, especially when it comes to food shopping. According to the USDA, grocery prices have gone up 10% in the past year, the largest actual rise in forty years. 

Here are some practical ways to stretch your dollar when planning meals for you and your family.  

  1. Build Your Meals around what is on sale.  Most of us plan meals, make a list, then hit the stores, but try doing it differently to save a few dollars. Search flyers and grocery apps for what is on sale that week rather than what you are predetermined to buy and plan your meals based on those items on sale. 
  2. Say Yes To Store Brands.  Store brands can run close to  25% less than their name-brand counterparts.  Compare ingredient labels between the two, and you will be surprised how similar they can be. 
  3. Order Online.  Impulse buys from shopping in-store add up and often wind up being more than you would spend on delivery costs.  Search online for free delivery coupons on sites like https://couponfollow.com . Bonus, you won’t end up with food you don’t need or want.
  4. Get Cash Back.  Americans spend thousands of dollars every year on groceries, so using the right credit card can get you cash back on the dollar.  Look for credit cards specifically targeted toward supermarket spending, some offering as much as 6% cashback.   That adds up.
  5.  Shop Your Pantry.  We all have food in our freezer and pantry that we have forgotten about.  Once a week, plan a meal from only those items sitting on your shelves.  You save a few bucks, and you don’t have to wait in long lines or bag groceries.  

A little patience, planning, and creativity can go a long way in keeping a few extra dollars in your wallet each week.   Happy meal planning.  

By Sherri Sacconaghi, Creative Strategist at EPB&B and a former Health and Nutrition Coach.

The more expensive name brand items are usually places at eye level. Look high and low on the shelves to find the less expensive generic equivalent.


EPB&B Proudly Sponsors Oregon Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony for the Fifteenth Consecutive Year

This past Saturday marked the fifteenth consecutive year, Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker Inc has proudly been the title sponsor of the Oregon Music Hall of Fame (OMHOF) induction ceremony, donating $10,000 in sponsorship money that goes directly into the scholarship fund.

Held at the Aladdin theater in Southeast Portland, the evening was spent celebrating the 2022 inductees with outstanding performances by three of this year’s inductees; Lewi Longmire and the Left Coast Roasters, The Minus 5, and Satan’s Pilgrims. In between performances a live auction of autographed guitars took place, including those by Wille Nelson, Motorhead, Justin Hayward and Indigo Girls amongst others.

One of the most significant outcomes of generous OMHOF sponsorship is the ability to offer yearly scholarships to selected graduating Oregon high school seniors who have exhibited serious pursuit and accomplishment in their personal musicianship – and who are college-bound music majors.

“It is really cool how OMHOF recognizes the rich Oregon music history and the outstanding talent of Oregon’s finest musicians,” says EPB&B President and 2015 OMHOF inductee Marc Baker.” I am proud to be a part of an organization dedicated to raising funds in support of young college bound musicians who are continuing to pursue their passion for music.”


EPB&B Welcomes Commercial Lines Account Manager Amy Miller To Our Team 

Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker, Inc has seen a lot of growth in the past year, and that progression continues with the addition of our new Commercial Lines Account Manager, Amy Miller. Here is a little more about Amy, her experience, career goals and life as the mom of two young boys. 

What is your experience in the insurance industry? I have seven years of  experience within the industry, most recently focusing on construction and not-for-profit organizations.

What is it that you enjoy about working in the industry? I enjoy getting to know my clients and helping them find solutions for their unique risks.

What made you choose  EPB&B  as the next step in your career path? EPB&B has a personal touch and local mindset, which goes a long way in building lasting relationships with their clients and employees. In a competitive market, relationships are more important than ever.

Please share a little about your life outside the office. I have two young boys who keep me busy outside the office. I enjoy gardening and have been experimenting with food preservation this summer.  I had some triumphs along with some failures, and my shelves are full of pickles and jam.

Welcome, Amy. We are happy to have you as part of our team. 

Amy Miller
Commercial Lines Account Manager


EPB&B Scores For Portland Homeless Family Solutions

It may not have been a win for the Portland Timbers yesterday, but the team at Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker, Inc had a lot to cheer about.  Hosted at the  Providence Park Duracell Deck, EPB&B  kicked off the first of five small fundraisers for one of its favorite local non-profits, Portland Homeless Family Solutions  (PHFS). 

Portland Homeless Family Solutions empowers homeless families with children to get back into housing – and stay there. Every year, PHFS provides trauma-informed, culturally responsive services to over 450 families – over 1,400 kids and parents.  

Yesterday’s fundraiser allowed guests to enjoy the sun, complementary food, and beverages, and hear from PHFS Executive Director Brandi Tuck, about their work with families in need in our community.

“We have supported PHFS for over a decade,” says EPB&B President Marc Baker,  “and it has been remarkable to watch them grow from supporting eight families in a rented church space to serving hundreds of families on their beautiful Southeast Portland campus.  We are proud to be a part of supporting Brandi’s vision and growth”. 

There was a lot to smile about at the kickoff fundraiser for PHFS. From Left: Jill Perucca, EPB&B VP of Operations; Marc Baker, EPB&B President; Brandi Tuck PHFS Executive Director; Dylan Baker, Baker Family Foundation Board Member; Sherri Sacconaghi EPB&B Creative Strategist; Olivia Astrue, EPB&B Personal Lines Account Manager