Donate this week to Stone Soup (November 27-December 3) and EPB&B will double your dollars.

EPB&B is so lucky to work with so many wonderful non profits in the Portland area, and this season we are happy to see one of our favorite organizations, Stone Soup, once again as a highlighted non profit in the 2023 Willamette Week Holiday Give!Guide!   To show our support, this week, November 27-December 3, 2023 for every dollar raised, EPB&B will match that donation up to the first $5000. 

Stone Soup empowers individuals to feed communities.  Stone Soup trains in workforce development and hands on culinary expertise to people who might otherwise be facing homelessness. Their participants learn the skills necessary to obtain gainful employment by making tasty, healthy and fresh meals for shelter guests, all within a trauma-informed environment.

We understand that it is important for people who donate their money to feel it is making a difference to the organizations to which they choose to give. Rest assured your money makes a big impact for those involved at Stone Soup.

 Participants not only get the training for free, but Stone Soup  pays them a stipend to train as well.  The more fund raised, the more people they can help develop skills that can give them tools to earn a living.

“ We have calculated that for every dollar we raise through donations, we are doing $7.55 worth of good in the community,” Says Stone Soup Executive Director Craig Gerard.

Community members can also support Stone Soup through their three main enterprise lines; Contract Meals, Catering, and Retail Soup.
Please help support Stone Soup this week by donating here .


Safeguarding Your Purchases: Eight Strategies to Prevent Porch Package Theft

  • Take advantage of delivery notifications offered by most courier services. By receiving real-time updates on the status of your package, you can plan to be present at home or make arrangements for someone to collect the parcel on your behalf. Additionally, tracking features allow you to monitor the progress of your package and estimate its delivery time, enabling you to plan accordingly.
  • Opt for a secure delivery location if possible. Some delivery services allow you to choose an alternative drop-off point, such as a local package locker or the back entrance of your home. This reduces the visibility of your packages and lowers the likelihood of theft.
  • Invest in smart home security systems such as Ring that include surveillance cameras, doorbell cameras, and motion sensors. These devices provide real-time monitoring and can deter potential thieves. Some systems even allow for two-way communication, enabling you to speak to the delivery person or warn off suspicious individuals.
  • Consider installing a package lockbox on your porch. These secure containers are designed to receive and protect your deliveries until you retrieve them. Many lockboxes are made of durable materials and can only be opened by the recipient, ensuring the safety of your packages.
  • Opt for delivery options that require a signature upon receipt. This ensures that your package is placed directly in your hands or handed over to someone you trust. While it may be less convenient, this extra layer of security can significantly reduce the risk of porch theft.
  • Establish good relationships with your neighbors and consider creating a neighborhood watch system. Inform each other about package deliveries and be willing to collect packages for neighbors who are not at home. This collaborative effort can create a safer environment for everyone in the community.
  • Provide specific delivery instructions when placing orders. Clearly communicate where you would like the package to be left or if there are alternative secure locations on your property. This helps delivery personnel follow your preferences and ensures a safer delivery process.
  • Take advantage of delivery scheduling options. Many courier services allow you to choose specific delivery windows. Select a time when you or someone trustworthy can be at home to receive the package, minimizing the time it spends unattended on your porch.

By implementing these strategies, you can significantly reduce the risk of porch package theft and enjoy the convenience of online shopping with greater peace of mind. Being proactive and utilizing available technologies and services can go a long way in safeguarding your deliveries. Happy shopping.


EPB&B Has A Record Breaking Holiday Open House Benefiting Local Nonprofits

Thursday November 16, 2023 marked the sixteenth annual Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker Industry Holiday Open House at the Tiffany Center in Southwest Portland, and it was the most successful (and the most fun) to date. 

The goal of our Industry Holiday Open house is three-fold; To thank our industry professional partners for their collaboration and partnership over the past year, to raise money for Portland area nonprofits, and to kick off the holiday season with a fun, festive atmosphere filled with games, food, a silent auction, and surprise guest appearances.

This year EPB&B and the Baker Family Foundation  are pleased to announce a record-breaking fundraising effort for our selected Portland area non-profits raising over $44,000 Howards Heart , a non-profit organization dedicated to providing individual and non-transactional support for teens, 13-21, in the foster care system within Multnomah County and Loving One Another ,an organization utilizing trusting relationships, empathetic communication and unity to meet the immediate emotional and physical needs of the houseless community cultivating lasting transformation.

This is all made possible due to the support of this year’s sponsors, who generously stepped in to support our mission of giving back to those in need 

“What started as a small gathering of key insurance company partners and vendors joining us sixteen  years ago at our office has now grown to an event that raised thousands of dollars for two amazing local charities in the Tiffany Center Ballroom this year, “ explains EPB&B President Marc Baker.  “From discovering new grass roots non-profits each year to building a growing sponsorship foundation to having the opportunity to say “thanks” to so many wonderful professional partners, I am so grateful for the support that we receive each year and in turn the financial results that we are able to pay forward to passionate visionaries working to make the Portland area a better place.”

Thank you to our generous  2023 Holiday Open House Sponsors: 

PLATINUM: The ISU Group, Echelon Protection Services , Umpqua Bank, Ryan Turner Specialty , First Insurance Funding, Portland business journal

GOLD SPONSORS :Liberty Mutual, Safeco Insurance,  Paul Davis Restoration, The Standard, Rothertinsurance, Crum & Forster Insurance, ISG

SILVER SPONSORS: IPFS: Insurance Premium Financing SolutionsWestern National Insurance, CRC Group: Wholesale & Specialty Insurance, Washington Trust Bank, NW Preferred.

BRONZE SPONSORS: Philadelphia Insurance Companies, Cincinnati Insurance, Oregon Mutual Insurance, Chubb, The Hanover Insurance Group, UFG Insurance , Mutual of Enumclaw Insurance Company, Benefit Help Solutions,  Travelers Insurance , EMC


EPB&B Welcomes Commercial Lines Assistant, Bobby Le

At Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker we have a solid team of experienced people who have any years of experience and tremendous knowledge of the insurance industry. It is because of this we are always looking to add those who may be new to the insurance industry but have dedication to helping people, an emphasis on customer service and the willingness to learn from our talented team members. It is in this vain, that we are very happy to introduce our new Commercial Lines Assistant Bobby Lee. Here are just a few reasons we are confident Bobby will be a great fit to our team.

  1. What is your professional background? My background is more grounded within the industry of education. Though I’m on the younger side of my professional career, I’ve taught a handful of years spanning across several different age groups and grade levels! Particularly, my experience mainly engaged with students in secondary school (grades 7th-12th). However, I’ve also dabbled within the realms of teaching at the university level, as well as having short stints with teaching elementary. 
  2. What do you look forward to the most about working in the insurance industry? Because of my background in education, I’m extremely new to the insurance industry. However, there are several facets of insurance that I find both fascinating and get me personally passionate about. One reason that I wanted to come into the insurance industry was being able to have the ability to give others peace of mind in several areas of their lives. I believe that insurance allows people to engage more with what presently happens in their lives without having to stress about the future what-ifs and what-nots. That’s a personal value that I hold high, having the opportunity to act while being sure that everything will be okay!
  3. What made you choose EPB&B as the next step in your career path? As I’m so new to the insurance industry, I really wanted to search for a company that would guide and teach me patiently through the process, as well as a company that has distinguished values that they consistently stand on. EPB&B has championed both non-negotiables in my eyes, and I couldn’t be prouder to join this team specifically. I’ve been welcomed exceptionally well, met with understanding and grace that I’m learning the ins and outs of the insurance industry, and have seen that EPB&B as a company have an unshakeable character that they hold highly.  I couldn’t ask for a better company to start my insurance career with!
  4. Tell us a little more about yourself? When I’m not knee deep in learning about insurance, I like to spend a lot of time travelling and discovering new food adventures.  New experiences within these two areas of my life are a personal passion project, as I love getting to understand different cultures and perspectives through their local food. Besides these hobbies, I’m a big basketball fan and could talk ball all day!  

Welcome Bobby, we are so happy to have you join us at EPB&B Insurance.


Five Tips To Safely Rake Your Autumn Leaves

As the crisp air of fall in Oregon signals the shedding of leaves, the timeless task of raking becomes a seasonal ritual for many. While it may seem like a straightforward chore, raking leaves requires careful consideration to ensure both efficiency and safety. Here  are  five  key tips and practices for safely raking leaves, turning a seasonal chore into a productive and injury-free activity.

Choose the Right Equipment:

  • Before embarking on your leaf-raking endeavor, make sure  to equip yourself with the right tools. Opt for a rake that suits the size of your yard and personal comfort. Ergonomically designed rakes  can significantly reduce strain on your back and arms. Additionally, consider wearing sturdy gloves to protect your hands from blisters and scratches. The right equipment not only enhances your efficiency but also plays a pivotal role in preventing unnecessary physical strain.

Warm-Up and Stretch:

  • It s not just for the gym. Raking leaves can be physically demanding, particularly on the muscles in your back, arms, and shoulders. Engaging in a brief warm-up and stretching routine before you start raking is essential to prevent muscle injuries. Simple stretches for your arms, back, and legs can improve flexibility and reduce the risk of strains. Taking a few minutes to prepare your body can make a significant difference in how you feel during and after the task.

Mind Your Posture:

  • Maintaining proper posture while raking is crucial for preventing back and neck injuries. Stand with your feet shoulder-width apart, bend your knees slightly, and keep your back straight. Avoid hunching over or overextending your arms, as this can lead to muscle strain and discomfort. If possible, switch between raking with your left and right hands to distribute the workload evenly and reduce the risk of overusing one side of your body.

Pace Yourself:

  • Raking leaves can be a time-consuming task, and it’s essential to pace yourself to avoid fatigue and potential injuries. Take regular breaks, stay hydrated, and listen to your body. If you start feeling tired or experience discomfort, it’s a signal to take a break and stretch. Remember that completing the task safely is more important than rushing through it. By pacing yourself, you not only reduce the risk of injuries but also make the process more enjoyable.

Proper Disposal and Cleanup:

  • Once you’ve gathered the leaves into piles, it’s important to dispose of them properly. Use a tarp or other appropriate container to transport the leaves to a composting area or yard waste bin. Lift with your legs, not your back, when transferring leaves to prevent strain. After completing the task, take the time to clean up any tools and equipment to prevent tripping hazards. Storing your tools safely ensures they are ready for use the next time you need them.

Raking leaves is a quintessential fall activity that, when approached with safety in mind, can be both satisfying and injury-free. By choosing the right equipment, warming up, maintaining proper posture, pacing yourself, and ensuring proper disposal and cleanup, you can turn this seasonal chore into a seamless and secure task. Remember that prioritizing safety not only protects your well-being but also allows you to appreciate the beauty of fall without the risk of unnecessary injuries.

Don’t procrastinate in dealing with those wet soggy leaves. When left unattended they can cause damage to not only your lawn, but your roof, gutters and drainage system which ultimately may result in water damage to your home. Contact us and we can help you find the right insurance to protect your home, business and property all season long.


Seven benefits of team building activities (and fun ideas to get you started).

A team of people around a conference table looking at camera and smiling

In today’s remote and hybrid business world, fostering a strong sense of unity and collaboration among employees has become more challenging. Recently large companies here in Portland such as Nike and Intel have chosen to bring employees back into the office, citing that a unified team is an indicator of a company’s productivity. Team building activities have emerged as a powerful tool to achieve success, providing numerous benefits that can improve workplace dynamics and overall productivity. Whether working remote, hybrid, or in person here are seven benefits of team building activities along with some fun examples that businesses of any size can use to help foster a strong team environment. 

Improved Communication:

Effective communication is the cornerstone of any successful team. Team building activities encourage employees to work together, share ideas, and communicate effectively. By engaging in activities that require problem-solving, participants learn to listen to one another, express their thoughts clearly, and make decisions as a team. This enhanced communication not only benefits the workplace but also fosters a more positive and open atmosphere among colleagues. Here are some fun ideas to improve communication 

Enhanced Collaboration:

Team building activities encourage employees to collaborate and coordinate their efforts. Whether it’s solving a challenging puzzle or working on a group project, these activities promote teamwork and build trust among team members. When employees learn to trust and rely on their colleagues, they are more likely to work together efficiently, leading to better outcomes for the company.  Try these teambuilding ideas to improve collaboration 

Increased Motivation

Team building activities often involve setting goals and striving to achieve them as a team. These shared objectives can motivate employees to perform better in their day-to-day work. Knowing that their contributions are valued and that they are part of a cohesive team can boost morale and lead to higher levels of job satisfaction. This, in turn, results in increased motivation and productivity.  Need some motivation?  Check these out

Stress Reduction

Work-related stress is a common issue in modern workplaces. Team building activities provide employees with a chance to step away from their daily routines and enjoy a relaxed, fun environment. This break from the usual work pressures can reduce stress levels and help employees recharge. When employees return to their tasks with reduced stress, they are more focused and productive. Here are some simple ways to reduce stress in the workplace

Improved Problem-Solving Skills:

Many corporate team building activities involve solving complex problems or challenges. These exercises require critical thinking and creativity, encouraging employees to think outside the box and develop their problem-solving skills. These skills can be directly applied to their work, enabling them to address workplace challenges more effectively.

Enhanced Leadership

Team building activities often reveal hidden leadership qualities in employees. Some individuals may take the initiative to lead their teams, showcasing leadership skills that might not be apparent in a typical office setting. Recognizing and nurturing these leadership abilities can be a valuable outcome of team building activities and contribute to the overall development of the team.

Better Employee Relationships

One of the most significant benefits of  team building activities is the improvement in employee relationships. These activities provide a chance for colleagues to get to know each other on a personal level, breaking down barriers and fostering a sense of camaraderie. Stronger personal connections between employees can lead to a more harmonious and cooperative work environment.

Increased Creativity

Creativity is a valuable asset in any business. Team building activities that require creative problem-solving can help employees tap into their imaginative side. By encouraging creativity and innovative thinking, these activities can lead to fresh ideas and approaches that benefit the company.

Team  building activities are not just a fun diversion; they offer numerous advantages for both employees and businesses. From improved communication and collaboration to enhanced motivation and reduced stress, these activities help create a more cohesive and effective workforce. By investing in team building activities, companies can foster a positive work environment and ultimately achieve greater success in today’s competitive market. 

At Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker we practice what we preach. Teambuilding is a part of our culture. It is a way to build strong relationships, improve communication and reward our team for their dedication to the business and our customers. From virtual walks to Disneyland and together from Portland to Coast , volunteering in our community, flying high or laying low, cheering on our favourite Portland sports teams or taking a break and chatting with each other over a Chipotle lunch, at EPB&B we know the stronger our team the better we can serve our customers.


Daylight Savings ends this Sunday : Strategies for a smooth transition

Daylight Saving Time (DST) is a topic for debate here in the Northwest but it has been a seasonal ritual for many countries around the world, designed to make the most of natural daylight during the longer days of spring and summer. However, when DST ends in the fall, and we “fall back” by setting our clocks back one hour, it can disrupt our daily routines, sleep patterns, and overall well-being. Adjusting to this shift is essential to maintain a healthy and productive lifestyle. Here are some strategies to help you ease into the transition and make the most of the extra hour gained.

Gradually Adjust Your Schedule

Instead of abruptly changing your routine overnight, gradually adapt to the new time. In the days leading up to the end of DST, try going to bed 15-30 minutes earlier each night. This approach will help your body’s internal clock align with the time change more smoothly. Adjusting in smaller increments is less disruptive to your sleep patterns.

Prioritize Sleep Hygiene

Good sleep hygiene practices are essential for a successful transition. Maintain a consistent sleep schedule, even on weekends, to help regulate your body’s internal clock. Ensure your sleeping environment is conducive to rest by keeping the room dark, quiet, and at a comfortable temperature. Avoid stimulating activities, like watching TV or using electronic devices, before bedtime, as the blue light emitted from screens can disrupt your sleep.

Expose Yourself to Natural Light

Sunlight plays a crucial role in regulating your body’s internal clock. Spend time outdoors during daylight hours, especially in the morning.  Even though it may be grey and wet here in Oregon, grab your raincoat and take a short walk.   This exposure to natural light helps signal to your body that it’s time to be awake and alert, promoting a smoother adjustment to the new time.

Stay Active

Regular physical activity can contribute to better sleep quality and help your body adapt to the time change. Engaging in regular exercise, especially in the morning or early afternoon, can boost your energy levels and improve your overall well-being.  

Mind Your Diet

Your eating habits can also impact your sleep and how you adjust to the end of DST. Avoid heavy meals, caffeine, and alcohol close to bedtime. These substances can disrupt your sleep patterns and make it more challenging to adapt to the time change. Go ahead and toss that extra Halloween candy too as sugar is a big sleep disruptor.

Be Patient

The adjustment to the end of DST can take a few days or even a couple of weeks. Be patient with yourself (and others) during this period of transition. It’s normal to feel a little groggy or disoriented as your body adapts to the new time.

Optimize Your Evening Routine

Create a relaxing evening routine that signals to your body that it’s time to wind down. Activities like reading, taking a warm bath, or practicing relaxation techniques can help prepare you for a restful night’s sleep.

Limit Naps

While a short nap can be refreshing, excessive daytime napping can interfere with your ability to adjust to the new time. If you must take a nap, limit it to 20-30 minutes and do so earlier in the day to avoid disrupting your nighttime sleep.

Stay Organized

As you adjust to the time change, stay organized by updating your clocks and ensuring you’re punctual for your commitments. It’s easy to forget to reset some clocks, like those in your car or on appliances, so make a checklist to help you stay on top of these adjustments.

The end of Daylight Saving Time in the fall is a period of transition that requires some effort to adapt to the new time. Understanding the basics of DST, gradually adjusting your schedule, prioritizing sleep hygiene, and following a few simple lifestyle adjustments can make the transition smoother and help you make the most of that extra hour gained. Remember that patience is key, and with time, your body will naturally align with the new time, allowing you to maintain a healthy and productive routine throughout the fall and winter months.

A team of people around a conference table looking at camera and smiling

Did you have a home remodel, purchase a new car, or make a change on the way you do business? Daylight Savings is a great time to make sure your insurance has you covered. Contact our team and we will help you find the right policy for your needs.