Team EPB&B takes on Portland to Coast to raise cancer awareness

This past weekend, eight EPB&B team members, along with several of their family and friends, headed out to tackle the 128-mile Portland To Coast relay, otherwise known as the most popular and largest walking relay race in the world, annually drawing participants from over 40 countries and all 50 states. 

This is the second year EPB&B has had a team enter the relay in support of cancer awareness, thanks to the organizational efforts of Personal Lines Account Manager, Donna Jones. 

“ I wanted to do a team again this year in honor of cancer awareness, because both my parents passed away from cancer 35 years ago and several of my friends, plus myself, have battled  cancer as well,“ Donna explains. “ I have become more involved with fighting to find a cure to help everyone who is battling with this disease.   There are so many types of cancers out there, and a cure is needed for all of them. 

This year the team walked in memory of one of our own long time EPB&B team members,  Lori Johnson , who lost her fight with cancer last September. Look closely at the t-shirts, and you will see a camel, Lori’s favorite animal.  

Walking was not required to join the fun, as several employees and friends served as volunteers on the course, providing support, guidance, and cheering on the team. 

“I go for the overall experience and getting to know people on a deeper level” says Commercial Lines Account Manager, Tina Dehut. “When you combine a lack of sleep, adrenaline, and cramped quarters, you really get to know who people are and how they handle themselves when out of their comfort zone.”

And how did Tina and her van mates pass the time when not on the course? “Our van found ways to entertain ourselves when without cell service,” Tina shares. “Don agreed to be ‘Siri’ so we asked ‘Siri’ random questions. Great way to relive old style road trips when you don’t have technology getting in the way, so we talked, laughed, and took a couple ‘scenic routes’ and learned about each other along the way.”

Following the race the team celebrated at a Seaside beach house for rest and team bonding. 

Congratulations to team EPB&B for a race well walked. 

 Team EPB&B: Back row left to right:  Claudia Peason; Bethany Sutherland, Don Renalds, EPB&B Health/Life Account Manager, Jennifer French; Joe Astrue; EPB&B Commercial Lines Account Manager; Tina DeHut; Personal Lines Account Manager, Olivia Astrue. Bottom row left to right; EPB&B Commercial Lines Assistant, Rose Peterson; Alex Peterson; EB&B Commercial Lines Account Manager, Leeann Harmon; EPB&B Personal Lines Account Manager, Donna Jones; Michelle Price; IT Manager, Jeff Bruss.

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