Don’t become a real ‘road warrior’

Is road rage a medical condition? 

Some therapists think so.  They call it “intermittent explosive disorder,” and group it with other kinds of angry outbursts that include threats and aggressive actions out of proportion to their cause.

Whether it’s a psychiatric illness or just a bad temper, road rage can ruin your journey.  Being on the receiving end of it is unpleasant, but being a perpetrator is dangerous to you and other drivers.  If you tend to drive very aggressively, making rude gestures and honking loudly at others on the road, you may need to get a grip.

Try some of these techniques to stay calm and safe at the wheel: 

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An apple a day – fact or fiction


An apple a day may be true, but some health lore isn’t

Everyone knows that you shouldn’t swim within an hour after eating, a glass of warm milk helps you fall asleep, and doctors always save the patient right before the last commercial.  Right?

Maybe, but you’re right to be skeptical.  Many common beliefs about health don’t hold up to clinical research (and once in a while a TV patient dies).  In the winter months, although you do need to dress warmly, you don’t need to worry about these often-repeated words of advice:

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