8 Reasons to Purchase Rental Car Collision Damage Waiver

Spring is here and summer vacations are just around the corner.  Renting a car on vacation can be fun, but who pays for the damage, should there be any, to the rental car? 

It has been debated for years whether or not a person renting a vehicle should purchase the Collision (or Loss) Damage Waiver from the rental company.  Our recommendation is that, in general, you SHOULD purchase the CDW/LDW.  Here’s our thinking: 

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Court upholds landslide exclusion

Friday, a Multnomah County jury denied a Portland couple’s claim against their insurance company after the insurer refused to cover damage to their home, which was destroyed when it slid down a hill in 2008. 

Earth movement and land slide are common exclusions found in most homeowners policies.  To get a quote on earth movement or land slide coverage contact EPB&B at (503) 227-1771.