EPB&B Welcomes A New  Member To The Commercial Lines Team

We love welcoming new members our ever evolving team at Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker. This week we are happy to introduce the newest member, Rose Petersen, who is joining the Commercial Lines Team as a Commercial Lines Assistant. With a passion for helping people, emphasis on teamwork and a desire for learning, Rose makes a natural fit within the EPB&B team. Here is more about Rose’s experience, interests and love of live music.

1. What is your background in the insurance industry? As far as industry experience goes, I’m a little green. I started contracting with Providence a year ago for in-home medical equipment referrals and found reward in mastering my role and getting life-saving equipment to people who needed it. I also took great pride in being able to train new colleagues – I helped build a fantastic team that operated like a well spun spider’s web. I am so looking forward to finding that here at EPB&B as well. 

2.  What do you look forward to most about working in the insurance industry? I used to work directly with patients in hospice care as well as their families, and I found it incredibly rewarding to ease their way when I could. Especially in healthcare, the processes can be confusing and treacherous for patients and families to navigate – I felt like a hero when I could simplify those processes and get people the treatments they deserved. Helping others is a ubiquitous part of my identity, and I’m grateful I can exercise it here. 

3.  What made you choose EPB&B as the next step in your career path? It appears that EPB&B has no ceiling as far as growth goes. It was immediately apparent that they wanted to invest in me as a part of their future, which means so much more than signing a paycheck to me. I am incredibly excited to get to work with this company and the kind people here. 

4. Is there anything you’d like to share to allow people to get to know more about you? I love to play pool! It’s how I met my husband, but it’s not the only sport we shoot – I have a compound bow, and he’s got a lever action that we take out for target practice, weather permitting. Lately, we’ve been camping near hike-able hot springs and falls. I also play piano and sing a mean karaoke game. Most of all, I love to dance and go to see live music whenever I can – quarantine was insufferable without concerts and night clubs.  If you could – and you can’t – sum me up in 3 words, they would be: short, smart, and sanguine. I approach life with a smile on my face and a curiosity that nearby cats even flee from (except my own).

Welcome to the team Rose.