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EPB&B is open for business during this trying time.  We request you try to contact us via telephone or email before visiting the office.  Almost all our employees are working remotely for the time being.


Serving the Pacific Northwest for over 60 years


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EPB&B is simply the best independent insurance agency in the Pacific Northwest for your personal needs. We have a large department of very experienced professionals who do nothing but focus on providing insurance for individuals. Count on EPB&B to insure your home, auto, boat, and other personal items.


Our service is second to none.  We don't operate off a voice mail model - call us and you'll very likely be speaking with an EPB&B rep within a few rings.  You can also send us email and faxes 24/7.  You can even view, edit, and request changes to your policies online!

But our accessibility is only part of the equation.  We have direct lines to all our major carriers, and can often return a quote within minutes.  But if that's not fast enough - yes, you can get an instant quote online, too!


We have dozens of insurance carriers to choose from.  This gives you a big advantage over captive agents who can only write business for a single company.  And every policy term, we do a full account review.  If we spot a way to save you money, improve your coverage, or both - we'll let you know right away!


Our personal insurance team (and ownership!) lives, plays, and works in and around Portland, Oregon.  The team has years of experience in an independent insurance agency environment.  They've got a personal relationship with each and every customer - and a great working relationship with all our companies.  We have great passion for client advocacy - we're on your side, all the way.

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