Rental Property Insurance

As a landlord, unplanned expenses happen.  At Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker we will help you find the right coverage for your needs so you can rent your property with confidence.

Whether you are renting out your own home, a vacation place or an investment property, insurance coverage for your rental properties is an important safeguard against the financial risk associated with tenants living on your property. Otherwise known as a landlord policy, it protects the homeowner against damage to the building as well as against premises liability associated with rentals.   Coverage can be added to reclaim any lost rental income in the event of a covered claim where your tenant cannot reside in the home.

We recommend the tenant carries their own tenant renters policy to protect their own assets too. At Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker, we will help you find the coverage you need to protect your rentals.

Some policies are different from what’s described here.  Be sure to read and understand your individual policy or contact us if you have questions.