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As a professional contractor, you work hard to build your business and earn the trust of your customers.  A partnership with EPB&B takes the mystery, headache, and expense out of purchasing insurance to protect your construction business.  We can handle all of your business insurance and bonding needs.



Our Construction Team: Tina DeHut, Dave Van Gordon, and Sherri Lund-Fery

We've assembled a dedicated construction team and developing insurance plans for contractors is their specialty.  With over twenty years of combined experience, they know the unique exposures that contractors face and they can develop an insurance program to suit each contractor's individual needs.

We're members of ORA, HBA, AGC and ABC.


Our Bonding Manager, Jim Ewald

In addition to your insurance needs, we have a dedicated bonding department.  We can create a customized bonding program that lets you take on bigger and more complex jobs.  We can bond any size contractor!  When it comes to construction bonding, we offer:

  • bid bonds
  • performance & payment bonds
  • prevailing wage bonds
  • licent & permit bonds


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Congratulations to Sherri Lund-Fery, Tina DeHut and Dave Van Gordon who comprise the three primary members of the EPB&B Construction Unit.  We developed this unit three years ago and they have been on fire ever since.  Sherri, Tina and Dave have a "get it done" attitude that is inspiring.  Sherri, Tina and Dave - you guys rock !!

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