Make Sure Your Trees Are Summer Ready.

As the longer days and warmer weather head our way, many of us are focused on getting our yards ready for summer fun and relaxation. But while you are busy making sure your lawn is lush, and your roses are pruned, it is also essential to pay special attention to your trees. Yes, your trees. With summer approaching, the risk of severe weather such as wildfire and high winds increases. In addition to harsh weather, infestation and disease can easily damage healthy trees, weakening them and risking damage to your home and property. That’s why, each spring, it is important to inspect the trees on your property to make sure they are healthy. Here are some warning signs to watch for;

  • Leaning Trees. If a tree is leaning toward your home, it may require closer evaluation of the branches, leaves, trunk, roots, and/or soil to ensure the tree is healthy and well anchored.
  • Cracked and Raised Soil. The area around your trees can tell you quite a bit. Broken or raised soil or fungus growth may be a sign that the tree is in the process of uprooting, which is often the first step to a tree falling over.
  • Dead or Broken Branches. If there are many dead branches in the lower part of the tree or just on one side, your tree may be sick, imbalanced, or possibly dying.

If you see any of these signs or are concerned about a tree’s health on or near your property, please contact a certified arborist for evaluation.  

As with any professional you hire to work on or around your property, make sure you ask for proof of insurance and ensure that they are licensed and bonded.   

Enjoy your yard and your trees this summer. 

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