In Case Of Emergency: Are You Prepared?

Snow, ice, power outages.  Oh my.  Winter weather hit the Portland Metro area hard last week.  If you found yourself rummaging in the dark for working flashlights and panicking while your cell phone slowly died, you are not alone.  According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention, half of adults in the US do not have plans in place in case of emergency.  

Being in a stressful situation impacts our problem solving skills, but now, as the ice melts and power is restored, calmer heads can prevail.  With last week’s events fresh in our memories, now is he perfect time now to prepare for any future emergencies.  Here’s an emergency supply checklist to get you started. 

Having good insurance coverage is critical, especially when emergencies do occur. Contact the team at Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker we will help you find the right insurance coverage to fit your needs. 

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