Three Tips To Stay Resilient Through Difficult Times

The masks have come off, and more people are out and about as the fast-paced rhythm of life slowly returns to the pre-pandemic levels.   While this is good news, these changes, coupled with ongoing uncertainty in the world can be stressful for many Americans.   

Here are three tips to consider you navigate the unpredicted events and uncomfortable emotions that might come your way.

1. Be Self- Compassionate. When life gets difficult recognize that what you’re experiencing is challenging. Give yourself permission to say, “this is hard.” Remind yourself that what you are feeling is valid. And don’t forget to breathe

2. Be Flexible. When life doesn’t go as planned, flexibility allows us to form a “Plan B”, and that can feel uncomfortable. These unexpected times are when flexibility is most important. Allow yourself to let go of previously held standards that don’t make sense in the present situation.  Give yourself permission to pivot

3. Commit To Self-care. When things get challenging, sometimes we tend to put ourselves last.  When physically drained, we’re more emotionally reactive, our thinking is clouded and our judgment is impaired. Times of stress are when taking care of yourself needs to take top priority.  Eating a healthy diet, partaking in enjoyable physical activity, and getting enough sleep is imperative.

Take care of yourselves and each other. 

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