Three Risk Management Strategies For Property Owners

A poorly lit parking lot, a slick tile floor, or a cluttered entryway are all examples of how your business could be a public safety hazard. Be aware that as a building owner or manager, if someone is injured on your premises you could be held financially responsible. 

Here are three areas, that when properly attended to, could minimize risk to the public. 

  • Slip and Falls.  A fall can happen in an instant. Make sure you have protocols in place to keep interior floors dry and litter free.  Outdoors keep parking lots and sidewalks clear of debris, and ensure uneven surfaces are well marked.
  • Clear The Exits.  In the case of emergency, it is imperative that your customers have a clear path to quickly exit your premises.  Keep all doorways and staircases free from furniture, boxes, and other clutter that may have piled up over the years. Keep emergency evacuation plans clearly posted  and accessible.
  • Assaults and Thefts.  Ensuring your property is secure is key to protecting the public. Keep shrubs and trees trimmed to minimize hiding areas for perps.  Make sure your parking facilities are well lit, and deploy the use of security cameras in effort to detect any activity that might cause harm to the public.

Having comprehensive risk mitigation strategies will not only help to  ensure public safety it will also protect you and your business. 

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