Protect Your Home And Your Ghosts This Halloween

Halloween night is looking to be a good one this year, with more Americans planning on celebrating the ghoulish holiday after a quiet 2020.  But with more little goblins on the streets, the potential for homeowner risk goes up as well.  Help keep everyone safe this year by adding these three steps to your Halloween night preparation:

  • Clear The Path:  Avoid potential slips and falls by removing toys, yard tools, loose stones, wet leaves, and other debris from the path to your front door.  And as always, provide a well-lit home for the little ghosts that come your way.
  • Blow Out The Candles.  Instead, create spooky lighting and illuminate jack o lanterns with glow sticks, battery-operated candles, and strobe flashlights.  All the flicker without the flame. 
  • Restrain Rover:  Little strangers in spooky costumes at your front door can make even the calmest canine edgy and unpredictable.  Keep everyone safe by keeping pets away from the front door. 

Most of all, be safe, have fun and enjoy the treats.

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