Portland’s Hidden Oasis

Hidden inside our bustling city lies a treasure known as the SW Trails. Just a few steps from city sidewalks you can enjoy over forty miles of lush greenery, fragrant gardens and peaceful waterways that wind through the neighborhood of Southwest Portland. 

Founder, Don Baack, is an avid Portland walker since 1972. Hindered by the lack of sidewalks in the two hundred and eighty miles of Portland streets, Don worked tirelessly in conjunction with Southwest neighborhoods, the city council and hundreds of volunteers to create a safe place for people to enjoy our city, known today as the SW Trails.

“I had no idea such a beautiful escape was tucked within the city,” Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker’s Creative Consultant Sherri Sacconaghi said, “ but once I discovered it, hiking the trails has become one of my favorite ways to decompress and enjoy nature.” 

If you are looking for a change of pace, no need to look further than outside your front door. 

The SW Trails system is well marked so even the most directionally impaired can navigate them. (Valued EPB&B insured Heather Dudley (L) and EPB&B Creative Consultant, Sherri Sacconaghi(R), enjoy a day out on the trail.
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