Portland And Vancouver Ban Fireworks; Three Alternative Ways To Celebrate Safely. 

The cities of Portland and Vancouver announced that they have put a ban on fireworks this Fourth of July, citing an increasing number of injuries but also a huge risk for fire and property damage. According to the City of Portland, of the 307 fires in 2021, fifteen were caused by fireworks, including 3 deaths. 

Although fireworks are a significant part of the July 4th traditions for Americans, the celebrations, while not as loud, can still be bright.  We urge those of you who live in the Portland and Vancouver areas to respect the ban and try these fun firework alternatives instead. 

  1.  Confetti Cannons.  This fun, and festive Confetti Cannon provides the pop and color that is a must on any July 4th.  Made with biodegradable confetti, it’s earth-friendly too. 
  2. Laser Light Show.  Light up the night with laser light.  Throw the colors up against a wall or fence and for some extra fun turn up some music and celebrate.  
  3. Blow in the Dark Bubbles.  Whether you are nine or ninety it will be hard to resist this activity.  Easy to make with a two-step solution, these are so fun you may not even miss the sparklers. 

Just because residents of Portland and Vancouver cannot light their own fireworks does not mean there are not plenty of Fireworks and 4th of July celebrations to enjoy around town.   However you choose to celebrate,  the team at EPB&B wishes you a safe and happy holiday. 

Stay Safe and Celebrate.
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