Oregon OSHA Adopts Temporary Working Requirements For Extreme Heat

As of July 8, 2021, Oregon OSHA has adopted an emergency rule that strengthens requirements for employers to protect workers from the dangers of high and extreme heat. The requirements expand access to shade and cool water. They also include regular cool-down breaks, training, communication, emergency planning and other measures that apply to both indoors and outdoors. 

Some of the new requirements include:

– At 80 degrees or over:

  • Need to provide shade for required breaks and meal periods.
  • Need to provide water for employees.
  • Supervisor and Employee training by August 1st.

– At 90 degrees or over (everything above plus):

  • New direct communication requirements.
  • Monitor employees and emergency contacts.
  • 10-minute break for cool down every two hours.
  • Have an Emergency Medical Plan.
  • Develop an acclimatization plan/practice for employees going into the heat.

This temporary rule is effective for 180 days. Here is the full rule language here:

Temporary OSHA Rules

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