Off To College: Don’t Forget To Pack An Insurance Policy.

As a student you have a lot to think about before heading to college.  Your parents parents too. As you register for classes and secure living accommodations, don’t forget about protecting yourself and your belongings with a Renters insurance policy. 

It may seem like a college student does not have a lot in terms of valuables, but laptops, TVs, jewelry, shoes, and art supplies can add up to thousands of dollars.  Money that a student may not have the means to replace. 

“When a student is living off-campus, even if it’s not required by the landlord, Renters insurance protects personal property from theft, fire, and water damage,” explains EPB&B Personal Lines Account Manager Denice Nelson.  “Renters policies also carry personal liability in case of injury on their property.”  

As a student, having Renters coverage protects you from an injured party going after your parent’s liability too. In addition, the loss of use coverage offered in a Renters policy also includes additional living expenses that may incur if your home becomes unsuitable to live in due to a covered loss.

A typical Renters policy also referred to as an HO4, consists of 4 main coverages:

Personal property

-Loss of use

-Personal Liability


“A $500 deductible is fairly standard, and depending on the amount of content chosen, and they can run as low as $10 a month,” says Denice.  

A good investment for great piece of mind allowing you to focus on academics (and some fun) at school. 
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