Include a National Driver Register (NDR) report in your pre employment screening 

As a small business Oregon it is prudent to conduct a thorough pre employment screening before hiring a new employee and checking references, confirming skill competency and background checks are all part of the process.  What is often overlooked is running a National Driver Register (NDR) report on prospective employees PRIOR to hire. Neglecting to run an NDR report for businesses that require employees to drive such as delivery services, trucking and construction can be a costly mistake.  As a business owner, here are five reasons it is important to include an NDR report as part of your pre hire checklist:

  1.  Cost Savings: Hiring employees with clean driving records can lead to cost savings in terms of reduced insurance premiums, fewer vehicle accidents, and lower maintenance expenses. Additionally, avoiding potential legal issues and liabilities associated with hiring individuals with poor driving histories can save the business from costly litigation and settlements.
  2. Safety and Liability Concerns: Small businesses often have limited resources and may not have extensive training or safety protocols in place. Employing individuals with a history of driving offenses could pose a safety risk, especially if the job involves driving company vehicles or transporting goods. By conducting NDR reports, businesses can mitigate potential liability issues associated with accidents or incidents caused by employees with poor driving records.
  3. Protecting Company Assets: Small businesses may rely heavily on vehicles for transportation, deliveries, or providing services. Hiring employees with a history of traffic violations or accidents increases the risk of damage to company vehicles, which can lead to increased repair costs and operational disruptions. Conducting NDR reports helps in safeguarding company assets by identifying candidates with clean driving records.
  4. Maintaining Reputation: A small business’s reputation is often vital for its success. Incidents involving employees with poor driving records, such as accidents or traffic violations while on duty, can reflect negatively on the company’s image. Customers may lose trust in the business if they perceive it as negligent in ensuring the safety of its employees and the public. Running NDR reports helps in maintaining a positive reputation by demonstrating a commitment to safety and responsibility.
  5. Compliance with Regulations: Depending on the nature of the business and its location, there may be legal requirements or industry standards mandating background checks, including driving record checks, for certain positions. Failing to comply with these regulations could result in fines, penalties, or legal consequences for the business. Conducting NDR reports ensures compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Running NDR reports on prospective employees is essential for small businesses to mitigate risks, ensure safety, protect assets, maintain reputation, comply with regulations, and achieve cost efficiencies. It helps in making informed hiring decisions and fostering a safer and more secure work environment. Contact the team at EPB&B insurance for more information on how you can protect your small business.

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