Hot Weather Alert: Four Ways To Keep Your Dog Safe In The Heat 

The forecast says it is about to heat up, and it is imperative to take safety precautions for yourselves and your loved ones, including your furry friends.  While long walks, frisbee fetching  and dog park visits are part of summer fun, adjustments must be made to keep your dog safe and healthy when the temperature heats up.  

  1. Please Leave Your Pet at Home.  It is tempting to make a quick run to the store after an outing to the dog park, but even five minutes in a warm car can be dangerous to your pet.  Even when it is  70 degrees outside, the interior of a car can reach over 100 degrees within minutes, even with the windows rolled down.  Please don’t do it.  Protect your pet and others by knowing What to do when you see a  dog in a hot car.
  2.  Walk Early and Late:  Plan to take your dog for a walk early in the morning or late in the evening to avoid the hottest part of the day.  Check hard surfaces such as asphalt.  If it is too hot for your feet, it is too hot for their paws.  Choose shady routes and grassy areas for walks and play. 
  3. Drink Up.  Just like humans, water is critical for the health of a dog.  Especially in hot weather.  Make sure to keep Fido’s water bowl full at all times, and when out and about, bring your own water and a collapsable bowl for frequent breaks along the way. 
  4. Don’t Forget the SPF.  Yes, some dogs need sunscreen too. Dogs with thin hair and exposed skin are prone to sunburn.  So after you lather up your own body, keep Rover protected too with his own sunscreen.

 Heat-related illness can happen before you know it.  Keep yourself safe so you can keep your furry friend healthy and happy too. 

If the ground is too hot for your feet, it is too hot for their paws. Stick to grassy, shaded areas on hot days.
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