Holiday Hacks To Help Keep You On Track

Work, kids, baking, parties, travel, and finding the perfect gift, sure it may be the most wonderful time of the year but it can also be the most stressful.   Try these easy tips to help find a little sanity this holiday season. 

  1.  Disconnect.  Constant access to electronics, media, and work can make you more efficient on the job but it also makes it difficult to recharge for other areas of your life.  

Try this: Turn off your phone for one hour after work, and focus on something that recharges your battery. 

  1. Just Say No: As COVID restrictions are allowing for more holiday gatherings this season, it may be tempting to make up for lost time, leaving you to feel depleted. 

Try this: Ignore the “ I should’s“ that run through your head and only say yes to the people and events that matter to you.

  1. Make A List:  Santa isn’t the only one who needs a list this time of year. Don’t rely on your harried brain to remember all you have to get done.  

Try this: Make a daily list of the day’s most urgent items and for an extra boost, check each item off when they are completed.  

Taking care of yourself is the best gift you can give to the ones you love.

Give yourself a break and use a pen, your phone or Alexa to help you stay on top of your “To Do” list.
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