Four Fun Winter Outings In Portland

 Those of us who have lived in the Pacific Northwest know we still have several rainy grey months before getting a peek of warmer days and sunnier skies, but don’t let a little wet weather keep you from getting out and enjoying what Portland has to offer while supporting local businesses (and valued EPB&B insureds).  

  1. Lan Su Classical Chinese Gardens. Immerse yourself into Chinese culture and history. Nestled in Northwest Portland, you will discover an oasis of tranquil beauty and harmony to chase away even the grayest day. Lan Su Chinese Garden
  2. Music Millennium and Laurelhurst Market. These two award-winning Portland establishments are conveniently located across the street from each other. Pop into Laurelhurst Market for a top-quality burger or steak then top off your meal by browsing through the aisles of eclectic music, games, and memorabilia of the oldest record store in the Pacific Northwest. 
  3. Float Spa. Take a moment to hit pause on the hectic saturated world and give your mind a chance to rest and recharge.  An hour in a quiet, warm private tub has been shown to reduce physical pain, increase creativity, and restore balance.  Try The Float Shoppe and Enso Float both located on Northwest 23rd Avenue in Portland. 
  4. Spella Caffe and Waterfront Walk. Nothing tastes better on a grey Portland day than a cup of rich warm espresso, and for the best, try Spella Caffe in Southwest Portland. Roasted Locally in small batches, enjoy a cup as you stroll along Portland’s scenic waterfront. Umbrella optional.
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