Five Ways To Make The Most of Shopping Your Local Farmers Market

Fresh Berries, crisp veggies, and fragrant bouquets, yep, Northwest farmer’s markets are in full swing.  Grab your shopping bag and follow these tips to make the most of your day at the market. 

  • Shop Early For the Best Selection.  The closer you show up to opening time, the better your selection of prime options will be.  Take the time to browse the different vendors and compare prices and product quality.
  • Show Late For Savings.  Many farmers would rather sell that last crate of produce and a discounted price rather than haul them back home.  You may miss out on a variety of options but can save a few dollars in the end. 
  • Taste and Try.  What is often frowned upon at the grocery store is encouraged at the farmers market.   Many vendors hand out samples and encourage you to taste their bounty, so sample away.
  • Try Something New.  What is that purple orb or swirly green root?  It may look unfamiliar but taste delicious.  Farmers love to teach their customers about their crops and suggest the best way to cook them for the best experience. 
  • Stock Up.  Unlike supermarket produce which is often a week old before it even hits the shelves, farmers market produce is picked the day before.  This means your food will have a longer life expectancy, so take an extra bag and load up..

Farmer’s markets are a great way to eat healthily and support your local, Oregon, and Washington farmers markets.   Happy shopping.

EPB&B Producer, Derek Aldrich stops by to support valued insured, Stone Soup as he explores the farmers market in SW Portland.
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