EPB&B Wears Red: It Is Good For The Heart

They are mothers, daughters, sisters, counselors, providers, and protectors, and they could be at risk.

Please join the team at Elliott, Powell, Baden. and Baker in participating in Wear Red Day. As the first Friday of American Heart Month, today is dedicated to bringing awareness to heart disease and its health risks, specifically for women. 

Cardiovascular disease is the number one health-related condition responsible for death in women. One and three will lose their life to this disease. 

The good news is that 87% of heart-related problems are believed to be preventable. And being aware of prevention and treatment options is critical. 

So join us and pop on your favorite red sweater, tie, or hat, and let’s bring let’s kick off American Heart Month in style. 

Way to rock the Red! Working from home didn’t stop the crew at EPB&B from helping to bring awareness to the importance of heart health.
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