EPB&B President Looks Ahead To 2022

As I take time to pause and reflect on this year of 2021, including our second holiday season, which was altered by the continuing presence of Covid-19, I can’t help but feel more strongly than ever,  it is time to focus on moving forward.

I have found many silver linings in this past year; the enhancement of our business model to be nimble in times of uncertainty so that we continued to strive for an exceptional customer experience, being closer with family, staff, and friends working through the challenges that daily life brings us, as well as recognition of the things that I may have taken for granted before the onset of Covid-19.

In 2022, I will move forward to continue to embrace the many wonderful grassroots, local, nonprofit organizations that provide hope locally with a hand up for those in need. I will move forward and strive to recognize what I have taken for granted in the past and show appreciation by paying it forward today and beyond. I will move forward and continue to provide positive mentorship based on my real-life experiences and insight from past generations to those who will shape our future.

I believe that together we can rally and move forward as a community to support our city, recognizing that the promotion of a small business-friendly climate and a cleaner, safer environment will shape our community to be a place that is better than ever before.

I hope that 2022 brings you good health, safety, and an opportunity to renew a sense of community as we move forward and strive for a better tomorrow.

EPB&B President Marc Baker looking ahead to 2022.

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