Avoid The Bite: Tips For Reducing Mosquitos Around Your Home

Unwanted guests are annoying, and this year there seems to be more than ever buzzing around our  backyard barbecues and front porch get togethers.

A very wet Spring followed by warm summer temperatures has made many areas in Oregon a fertile breeding ground for mosquitos.  Multnomah county has seen a record-setting number of mosquitoes this summer, the largest since 2010.   

And while the mosquitoes are a force to be revoked with this summer, there are things you can do to eliminate places where they breed and reduce the number of them around your home.

  • Get rid of standing water in rain gutters, old tires, buckets, plastic covers, and toys.
  • Empty and change the water in fountains, bird baths, wading pools, and pitted plant trays at least once a week. 
  • Keep the water in swimming pools treated and circulating. 
  • If you have a pond, consider adding a water feature as immature mosquitoes cannot breathe in standing water. 

Mosquitoes love to come out at dusk especially when temperatures are around a pleasant seventy degrees. Go  HERE to learn how to avoid getting bitten and enjoy the rest of your summer.

If possible, save your yard work for the early morning as mosquitos do not like cool air.
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