AUTUMN LEAVES:  Four Tips For Easier Raking

Fall leaves.  They are beautiful as they turn golden brown on the trees, but not so pretty when the wind and rain hit and they cover your lawn in a big sloppy mess.  Leaving leaves sitting on the top of your lawn guarantees mold, pests, and weed seed through the winter. 

It may be hard work, but here are some tips to make raking your leaves this Fall a little easier. 

  1.  Wait For Them.  No need to rush out with your rake at the first sign of dropping leaves.  Save yourself time and energy and wait to tackle the task until most leaves are on the ground.  This also leaves more time to watch football. 
  2. Divide and Conquer. Staring down a yard full of leaves can be daunting.  Plan to divide the yard into segments and complete each area before moving on.   Stop to grab some water and stretch your back every ten minutes or so.
  3. Use Proper Technique.  You wouldn’t play golf with a baseball bat; the same can be said for raking leaves. A proper rake is key. Make sure it is long enough you do not have to stoop over and rake in small strokes toward you and not away. Your back will thank you in the morning.   
  4. Use A Tarp.  Instead of raking leaves into piles directly on your lawn, rake them onto a tarp.  When the tarp is full, you can drag it to a compost bin at one time instead of repetitive bending to pick up the piles.

If you have kids, harness that youthful energy and get them involved too. Enjoy ythe beautiful Autumn weather and happy raking. 

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