A Friend Of The Trees

What sets Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker apart from other businesses is the people.  Not only does the team at EPB&B have the  knowledge and expertise to help you with your insurance needs, they also take time away from the office to give back to the community, like Personal Lines Account Manager Olivia Astrue.  This past weekend Olivia spent the day volunteering at Hoyt Arboretum.

Founded in 1928 to conserve endangered species and educate the community, Hoyt arboretum encompasses 190 acres and 12 miles of hiking trails just outside of Portland. 

“We chose the Hoyt Arboretum because it was a place my grandma really liked,” Olivia explains. “Her birthday was Sept 6 so we wanted to do something to remember her. She passed from Alzheimer’s a few years ago and has a bench out at the Arboretum with her name on it that we like to visit when we’re missing her.”

With  only two full time employees, Hoyt Arboretum relies heavily on volunteers.  During COVID, people are out enjoying outdoor spaces like never before so volunteer help  is needed now more than ever. 

Thank you Olivia for spending the time giving back to the community.  We think you made Grandma very happy too. 

Personal Lines Account Manager, Olivia Astrue, spending her day in nature, and helping the community. Knowing Olivia, there is a big smile under that mask too.
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