Uncovering The Mystery Behind Cyber Crime

By: Justine Avera-

Some of the most popular shows on TV are detective and true crime stories.  Most people don’t realize there is another kind of crime scene and the stakes are high — full of unsolved mysteries, international espionage, and tales of sabotage.  If a company experiences a hacking or breach event or discovers that malware has infected and potentially controlling their systems, they turn to computer forensic experts.  One of the biggest benefits of having Network Liability and Data Breach Insurance is that the insurance company will bear much of the costs.  Here are some of the services that Data Breach coverage can provide:

  1. Early intervention  – if you suspect an attack or see something suspicious, you can call the insurance company and they will get cyber security experts involved immediately.
  2. Forensic analysis – how did the cybercriminals get in, what did they get access to, and were they able to move from your network or computer systems to others through your network touchpoints for a supply chain attack?
  3. Security hardening – what are the costs to fix the immediate problem, and prevent future attacks?
  4. Replacement of compromised equipment – has your computer been bricked, and is it no more operational than a rock?  Some policies offer replacement hardware and software post-breach.

It is important to have a Data Breach insurance specialist in your corner.  To see how EPB&B can support you and your business contact Justine Avera 504-445-8402 or Javera@epbb.com 

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