Special Event Liability Insurance

By: Jeremy Dickman, Personal Lines Account Manager

It is that time of year when graduation parties, company picnics, and weddings are in full swing, and a Special Event Liability Policy should be on the top of your party planning list.  The team at Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker can help find the right policy for your special event, offering protection and peace of mind so you can enjoy the festivities.  

What is an Event Liability Policy:

Special event insurance is insurance coverage for a wedding or other special event. Event insurance can help cover a broad range of risks; for instance,

  • Severe weather. If severe weather (such as a hurricane) forces you to postpone your event, an Event Liability policy can provide reimbursement for non-recoverable expenses.
  • Lost deposits. If a vendor goes out of business, declares bankruptcy before your event, or simply fails to show up and you lose your deposit, the event liability policy can help reimburse you.
  • Ruined photos and damaged gifts . If your photographer’s camera is defective, or memory cards are l lost or damaged, it can help cover the cost to re-take new photos.
  • Reimbursement . Some events like street carnivals or outdoor concerts may create revenue from charging admission, and an event policy would insure money lost or stolen from and event llost or stolen during the event.

Do I need to have an Event Liability Policy?

If the event is being held at a public or private venue, chances are that venue will require an event policy to be in place to protect the venue from injuries caused by the insured/organizer and their guests. Event liability protects the organizer from suit if somebody gets hurt or causes damage. It also covers all others involved in the planning and execution of the event, such as venue owners, municipal employees, building or landowners, anybody, or any entity the event may touch or impact while it is happening.

Do I need an Event Liability Policy if it is held In my home? 

Event policies are recommended even if you have the party/event in your own home, as there is a possibility that something could go wrong that would not be, covered by the homeowner policy or personal umbrella policy. This is especially true of alcohol will be served or provided.  

**IF alcohol is served, it is HIGHLY recommended that the homeowner hires a licensed bartender/server to do this. Doing so will allow the homeowner to get a Host liquor Liability endorsement on their event policy . This can be added to protect the organizer, attendees, the host venue, and employees in the event an attendee becomes intoxicated and causes damage to another person, the venue premises, or somebody’s property.  

How do I get an Event Liability Policy? 

Last-minute lead time for an event policy should be three days at the minimum, but it is recommended that a week’s notice be given.  In last-minute circumstances,  the team at EPB&B will strive to obtain the requested policy for our clients.  After the purchase of the policy, proof of coverage and any applicable certificates of liability can be sent directly to our clients within minutes by email.

Let the team at EPB&B help find the right policy for your special event.

Jeremy Dickman

Account Manager

Elliott, Powell, Baden & Baker, Inc.


971-255-5184 (fax)

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