Nine ways to support local businesses after a winter storm

  • Shop Local and Encourage Others to Do the Same:
    • Online shopping at big retailers is easy and convenient but for the next few months, take to the local area for shopping and dining.  This can help businesses recover lost revenue and maintain financial stability.
  • Participate in Local Events or Promotions:
    • Attend local events or promotions organized by businesses to boost foot traffic. Many businesses may host special sales or events to attract customers after a snowstorm.
  • Promote Online Sales:
    • Encourage businesses to enhance their online presence and offer online sales. Supporting e-commerce can be vital for businesses that face challenges with in-person transactions due to snow-related disruptions.
  • Volunteer for Debris Removal:
    • Offer to help local businesses with debris removal efforts. Clearing pathways, parking lots, and entrances can make it easier for customers to access the businesses.
  • Spread the Word on Social Media:
    • Use social media to promote local businesses and share updates on their status post-snowstorm. Encourage others in the community to do the same, creating a positive online presence for affected businesses.
  • Donate to Business Recovery Funds:
    • Check if there are local business recovery funds or initiatives and contribute if possible. These funds can provide financial support to businesses struggling to recover after a snowstorm.
  • Offer Business Services or Expertise:
    • If you have relevant skills or services, consider offering them to local businesses at reduced rates or pro bono. This could include marketing support, accounting services, or assistance with insurance claims.
  • Encourage Employee Support:
    • Encourage businesses to communicate openly with their employees and provide support as needed. This could include flexibility with work hours, remote work options, or assistance in navigating challenges posed by the snowstorm.
  • Organize Fundraising or Community Events:
    • Coordinate fundraising events or initiatives to gather financial support for affected businesses. Community events, such as pop-up markets or fairs, can also bring attention to local businesses.

We are fortunate to have in the Portland Metro area a multitude of distinctive shops, creative services and fine dining, many which need our support during this recovery time, so take some times to shop generously and eat well. 

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