Help us Make More Happen and win $10,000 for Project Never Again-Please Vote

We’ve got exciting news, and a simple way for you to help those in need!

Elliott, Powell, Baden and Baker has been selected as a Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Award winner for volunteering with Project Never Again! This fantastic organization takes on the important mission to extend compassion and dignity through duffel bags for children in foster care. 
Along with being named a Make More Happen Award winner, Liberty Mutual and Safeco Insurance made a $5,000 donation to Project Never Again in the agency’s honor, and now we have a chance to turn that into $10,000! That’s where you come in. Help us get to 500 votes on our story and the donation doubles! 

Visit our story at www.agentgiving.com/Elliott-Powell-Baden-Baker and follow the instructions to vote:Leave a short comment to cheer us on at the bottom of our storyUse the social media buttons on the page to spread the word to your friends about the donation and how to help.*
You can share and comment from each of your devices (smart phone, tablet, computer, etc.) making your voice go a long way in helping us achieve $10,000 for Project Never Again! Please vote by 8/31/2022. We appreciate your support!
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