Five Signs Your Phone Has Been Hacked 

We play games, do our banking, buy stuff, and Google, all from the palm of our hands.   Our phones are handy mini computers so it is no surprise that, according to RSA Security,  sixty percent of fraud occurs on a mobile phone with eighty percent of those attacks stemming from and app.

Cybercriminals are sneaky and could be syphoning from bank accounts, tracking your whereabouts and monitoring your personal data without you knowing. Get ahead of these criminals by being aware of the signs your phone has been hacked.

  1.  Fast Battery Drain.  Older phones lose their ability to hold power but spyware sucks a lot of energy from your phone’s battery too.  If you have a newer phone and  the battery drains quickly, you make have been hacked. 
  2. Unusual Activity On Social Accounts: If there are unrecognized activities on your social media or emails account that are connected to your phone, it could mean that a hacker has gained access to the device, and it could lead to identity theft.   
  3. Slow Performance. If your phone shows sluggish performance like crashing of apps, freezing of the screen and unexpected restarts, these are signs of a hacked device.  
  4. Stange Sounds During Phone Calls.  If you notice strange blips or beeps during a phone call it may be a sign someone is listening in.
  5. Unfamiliar Apps Appear On Your Phone.  Apps add up over time and it is a good idea to clear them when you no longer use them.  Do occasional checks to make sure the apps on your phone are ones you have installed.  If not, uninstall them. 

If you believe you have been the victim of a cyber attack :

  • Delete unrecognized applications: Check your apps and delete all that you do not recognize.  
  • Run anti-malware applications: Download a trustworthy anti-malware app that will detect malware and get rid of it.  
  • Reset your phone: Resetting your phone is the easiest way to get rid of the malware.  
  • Reset your passwords: Change the password of accounts connected to your phone to prevent the hacker from collecting your personal data.  

Know the signs and protect yourself from persistent and sneaky cybercriminals. 

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