EPB&B Supports Youth Music Project

At Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker, we love music, and we are thrilled to support Youth Music Project by donating $2,500 to their mission.  

Every week at Youth Music Project the power of music sings for hundreds and hundreds of kids in our community. At Youth Music Project kids are encouraged and supported to take risks, make mistakes, experience success, gain confidence, and learn and grow through exploring music to their heart’s content. 

Youth Music Project first came to the attention of EPB&B President Marc Baker when they offered their brick and mortar space to house the Oregon Music of Fame.  

“The Youth Music Project is instrumental  in helping to develop Oregon’s musical future, “ Baker says, “while recognizing and promoting Oregon’s rich musical heritage.”

Happily supporting YMP to the tune of $2,500.

From Left: Susan Zundel, YMP Program Director, Travis Magrane, YMP Executive Director, Celeste Rose, YMP Development Director, Marc Baker, Dylan Baker EPB&B Intern, Jill Perucca, EPB&B VP of Operations.

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