EPB&B supports Children’s Healing Arts Project’s CHAP In a Box.

At Elliott, Powell, Baden, and Baker Insurance, we know a great idea when we hear one, so when we were approached by Children’s Healing Arts Project (CHAP) to sponsor their Chap In a Box program.  We were all in. 

What is CHAP In A Box?

Children’s Healing Arts Project (CHAP) CHAP is the only non-profit organization in Oregon dedicated to bringing the healing power of art directly to children and families facing any medical challenges. It doesn’t matter what diagnosis, disability, or mental health challenge a child faces. At CHAP, children are only known for their ingenuity and creativity. There are situations where, due to distance or health concerns a child cannot attend one of CHAP’s in-person art classes; that is where Chap in a Box comes in. 

How Does It Work?

Chap in a Box is available to any child with a medical or mental health issue. Thanks to sponsorship dollars, each child and their siblings receive four free boxes each year, and this year, EPB&B is proud to be that sponsor.   About one hundred and forty were sent to families last year.   Each of the four boxes has a theme: modeling clay, painting, spirit lamp decorating, and sewing, with inserts ( in both English and Spanish) to help inspire the imaginations to create their masterpiece. 

“When a child is being discharged from the hospital, we invite them and their family members to continue their creative journey through our weekly Art Club programs,” explains Barb McDowell, Executive Director of CHAP. “CHAP in a Box started when we noticed that many children we met at the hospitals either lived too far away from Portland or couldn’t attend Art Club for medical reasons (like immunity issues).“

 Says Barb, “EPB&B is an absolute gift to the community.” 

How Can I Get Involved?

If you know someone who may benefit from the CHAP art program, please contact: Haley at haley@chappdx.org or call 503-243-5294.

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